The Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic cloves

Common garlic is a member of the onion group. It is a plant that has been cultivated and used for hundreds of years. In fact, people have been taking advantage of the benefits of eating garlic for so many years that it is hard to say with any certainty at all what its exact origin is.

Some people believe that it came from somewhere close to Siberia, and then made its way to southern Europe, where it was naturalized. Garlic can be found growing wild in Sicily, and is cultivated far and wide in Latin countries that border the Mediterranean.

Garlic health benefits

The benefits of eating garlic include lowering the risk of breast and prostate cancer. In China, research has found that the benefits of eating garlic are effective in reducing the risk of stomach cancer.

In Australia, garlic is applied to the skin as a method to prevent skin cancer. Studies also show that garlic is an effective antibiotic. In fact, garlic was used in World War I as well as World War II to help fight off infection.

Garlic is beneficial in a variety of available methods, such as fresh, dried, tablets or pills. The strong flavour of garlic has more people opting for garlic supplements to get their recommended dosage. In ancient Egypt and Greece, garlic was used to treat all ailments from a simple toothache to severe leprosy. In the nineteenth century, scientists realized its anti-bacterial properties and used it to disinfect wounds and treat tuberculosis.

Garlic is world renowned for its powerful benefits. The benefits of eating garlic are great for patients who suffer from anything from coughing to stomach ulcers. Many researchers believe that the benefits of eating garlic extend into preventing certain types of cancer and reducing the risk for heart disease.

Many people consider garlic to be one of the most valuable foods in nature for fighting disease. The benefits of eating garlic are utilized by a large number of people all around the world for healing and prevention of many different ailments.

The benefits of eating garlic stem mainly from a compound known as allicin. It is a sulphur-bearing compound that provides garlic with its strong aroma and taste. The allicin is released when the garlic cloves are cut, chewed or crushed. Trace minerals such as germanium and selenium are also found in garlic. This is where the benefits of eating garlic are displayed through its therapeutic attributes.

Garlic supplements

Garlic supplements generally contain the standard allicin content. Garlic supplements in Europe contain a minimum of 0.45 percent of the allicin compound. Although the benefits of eating garlic are great, most people do not consume the amount of garlic in their regular diets that is needed to fight off diseases such as cancer. Garlic supplements are a fantastic way for people to get the amount of garlic that they need each and every day.

The recommended dosage for anyone who wishes to take advantage of the benefits of eating garlic to improve heart health is up to five milligrams of allicin every day. The benefits of eating garlic to prevent a cold will astound you.

All you need is a single clove of garlic three times a day until your symptoms subside. Raw garlic is most beneficial, but garlic supplements are an odour-free alternative that provides a great number of health benefits.

The benefits of garlic for pets

The benefits of eating garlic also apply to your pets. Garlic will help with shedding and keep your dog or cat’s coat neat and shiny. In addition, you can rub garlic on your body as an insect repellent to keep mosquitoes and gnats at bay while you enjoy the outdoors. Garlic is a truly spectacular substance.

*There is conflicting evidence regarding the benefits of garlic for your pets – The blood-cleansing properties that make garlic sulphides beneficial to humans can damage the blood cells of animals.* If you plan on feeding garlic to your pet, it would be best to consult a qualified vet first.

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