5 Health Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Glass full of water

Follow these 5 Simple guidelines to help keep your immune system running at optimal levels.

1) Take Immune Boosting Supplements

There are several natural supplements that are effective at giving your immune system a boost, these are particularly effective during the winter period when we are more susceptible to catching colds.


The most popular natural remedies:

  • Echinacea
  • Garlic
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc

All of these have been found to reduce the duration of the common cold.


2) Make Sure You Get Plenty of Rest

Get plenty of rest and sleep

Sleep is essential for keeping your immune system running at optimal levels. The amount of sleep required can differ during the seasons and also from person to person, however as a general rule adults require between 6 to 10 hours of sleep each night.

The body needs this time to rejuvenate and strengthen; therefore it is essential that you get enough sleep in order to help maintain a healthy and strong immune system.

3) Stock Up On Fruit and Vegetables

Eat a wide range of fruits

Everyone knows the benefit of fruit and vegetables and we are constantly been told to include these in our everyday diet. This is because fruit and vegetables offer some of the highest amounts of essential nutrients needed to keep our immune system running at optimal levels.

They are high in vitamins, minerals and also contain essential antioxidants which work to protect your cells from damage which can led to disease and infections.

4) Take Regular Exercise (preferably outside)

Even a short walk can help boost the immune system

Most types of exercise can make a big difference to your overall health and well being, as exercise will not only boost your circulation which helps the nutrients circulate throughout your body, but it also helps with the production of endorphins, endorphins help increase your feeling of well-being which in turn help strengthen the immune system by reducing stress levels.

There is plenty of medical evidence that demonstrates the benefit of the substances released when we are happy, therefore it is believed that exercise/happiness is a very effective defense against colds, infections and diseases.

5) Drink Plenty of Water

Stay well hydrated

Recent research suggests that most of us are still not drinking enough water. One of the first signs that you may be dehydrated is a headache, your body will start to feel weak if you aren’t properly hydrated, this can leave you open to infections and diseases. So make sure you are drinking enough on a daily basis.

Remember that teas, coffee and fizzy drinks are diuretics because most contain caffeine. A diuretic is any drug that elevates the rate of urination and thus provides a means of forced diuresis, so they could lead to dehydration which is not good for immune defense.

Most health professionals state that an average adult (150 lbs) should consume about 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water each and everyday.

Most of these guidelines are easy to implement and can make a real difference to your bodies immune system and help keep you free of illness all year round.

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