4 Popular Fitness Exercises For Ladies

Lady performing a yoga position

Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring affair when you choose exercises you actually enjoy. While men are generally relegated to weight lifting and to running, ladies fitness options seem to be much more varied.

This allows women to choose exercises that they not only love to do, but also exercises that help them get into shape quickly and healthily.

From yoga to aerobics, Pilate’s to walking, ladies fitness is simple, fun, and challenging all at the same time. Don’t believe it? Here’s what ladies fitness can offer you.



Yoga Helps Develop The Mind and Body


Yoga is one of the latest in many exercise fads today, even though it has been around for hundreds of years. Yoga combines the idea of mental conditions with physical conditions by guiding the participants through a series of poses.

These poses help to enhance balance, coordination, muscle tone, and strength. Each of these poses requires the full concentration of the woman, which maximizes its effect as well as its ability to release stress from the body.

As you are doing each pose, you will be breathing in and out according to where you are in the position. This helps to release muscular tension, as well as the mental tension which may have accumulated in your mind. Since this is also a quite practice, many women also find this to be a soothing way to end or to start their day.

Add Some Aerobics To Help Burn More Body Fat


Ladies fitness classes in aerobics continue to be popular as well. These classes offer a wide variety of movements to help with calorie burning as well as muscle definition. You might want to choose a boot camp training program that allows you to push your body to its limits, or you might want to choose something like a dance class that can teach you a new skill as well as reshape your body.

You can find aerobics classes at nearly any local gym or fitness center, while these classes can also be ‘taken’ in the privacy of your own home with DVD’s and video tapes. With the various levels and class types, you will find you are always challenged and never bored.

You can also include classes like kickboxing in this category of women’s fitness. With high energy workouts like this, you will challenge your heart, your lungs, and your muscles while getting an adrenaline rush from the intensity.

Try Pilate’s For Releasing Tension and Toning The Body

Pilates is Great for Toning

Like Yoga, Pilate’s uses the breath to help release tension as each movement is performed. These movements are based around the idea that the core of your body is the most important part.

By strengthening your core, you will help to strengthen your balance, your agility, as well as your muscle strength. Instead of building up your muscles with heavy weights, Pilate’s uses your own body weight along with a few different apparatuses to help to focus each movement.

You might perform mat exercises or use a tension circle to help direct your body and increase your muscle tone. These classes are particularly popular in ladies fitness because they work to improve muscle tone while also lengthening the muscles to prevent bulk.

Walking Towards Better Health


If you’re looking for a ladies fitness option that is easy and portable, walking is a great fit for you. Walking can be done anywhere, at any time, and in any weather condition. As you walk, you will be able to burn calories and to strengthen your muscles – no special skills required.

To make walking even more effective, you might want to listen to fast-paced music as you are walking since this will boost your pace and help to burn more calories in less time. You can also add in short bursts of very fast walking or jogging to increase your calorie burn all the more.

No matter what kind of ladies fitness program you create, you will find that adding a variety of exercises is the best way to ensure physical fitness as well as enjoyment. Since your body does adapt to performing the same kind of exercise every day, it is in your best interest to change things up every day. Your muscles will continue to be challenged while your mind never grows bored of your ladies fitness routine.

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