How To Tone Your Arms

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Many people want to tone the arms, especially as they age and the arms begin to sag increasingly. Knowing why arms get fat and loose is a good place to start in understanding how to tone the arms effectively.

Why we accumulate fat in our arms

The reason why we get fat in our arms is often because we have gained too much overall bodyweight.

As we put on more and more weight, our body must find a place to put all that extra fat. Due to the fact that we have fat cells all over our bodies, it is inevitable that it would eventually head for our arms, increasing the need to tone the arms.

Where your body chooses to store the excess fat depends on your genes. If the people in your family tend to carry their extra weight more in the thigh region, then chances are you will keep your baggage in the same compartment. If your grandparents or parents have fat, saggy arms, you will probably be prone to storing the excess fat in your arms and desperately seeking a solution to tone the arms.

Muscles of the arms

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The arms are made up of several different sets of muscles, including the biceps covering the upper front of the arm, the triceps on the upper back of the arm, the brachialis muscle covering the elbow area and the brachioradialis covering the outer area of the forearm. To tone the arms effectively, you must work all of these muscle groups.

Three major muscle groups make up the arm muscles. The biceps brachii is the two-headed muscle that comes out from under the deltoid and extends to just under the elbow. This is the muscle that people target most when they want to tone the arms.

The muscles of the triceps make up around two thirds of the mass in the upper arm. However, this muscle group is often overlooked in routines to tone the arms. The large, three-headed muscle extends along the back of the upper part of the arm. This muscle group is often called the triceps brachii.

The heads of this muscle are the medial head, the lateral head and the long head. The long head attaches to the inner section of the scapula and the medial and lateral heads attach to the humerus, which is the primary bone in the upper arm.

The triceps and biceps work in opposition of one another. The triceps’ job is to straighten the arm and twist the wrist in an upward motion. The main function of the biceps is to curl and lift the arm as well as twist the wrist in a downward motion. If you truly want to tone the arms, you need to focus on exercising all areas of the arms.

The best exercises for toning the arms

The goal to tone the arms is a major part of any fitness program. The reasons so many people want to tone the arms are obvious. The arms are a very noticeable part of the body and you will be able to make it clearly visible to how well you are building strength by diligently working on the muscles in your arms.

Big, sculpted triceps and biceps are a benchmark characteristic of a toned physique. No matter who you are, if you tone the arms, you will look great in any tank top or T-shirt that you choose to wear.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are developing your fitness routine to include the best exercises to tone the arms:

Compound movements need to be regarded as a higher priority over the isolation exercises

  1. Form is critical. If you have not mastered the strict form of arm exercises, then you need to decrease your amount of weight.
  2. Supersets are a great way to build up and tone the arms.
  3. If you want to increase the size of your arm muscles, use minimal reps with heavy weights. To maintain or tone the arms, use more reps with lighter weights.
  4. It is important to give your arm muscles at least one week to recover.

In order to tone the arms and have well-developed arm muscles, you need to focus on each of the muscle groups separately as well as together.

Many people just starting a strength training program to tone the arms tend to turn their focus too much toward building the biceps. Complete training on all of the muscles of the arm is critical to tone the arms and get the nice shape that you desire

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