The Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball

Man using a fitness ball

What’s interesting about fitness trends is that most of the time the exercises remain the same, but the equipment used to perform them will change. Take for example, Pilates.

While these exercises can be performed without any equipment, you can use the original and expensive Reformer machine or a fitness ball. And this innovation allows you to have all of the benefits of Pilates enthusiasts without having to search for a studio with a Reformer.

What is the fitness ball?

A fitness ball is a large inflatable ball that is used for various exercises and stretches.  Inflated to anywhere from 48 to 72 inches in circumference, these balls can be used in a number of different exercise routines as well as for general health purposes.

They are made out of a tough plastic material that stretches and can accommodate light to large builds.Some fitness ball designs are also oblong instead of perfectly round and are suited to different exercises. You can even find a fitness ball with a texture on the outside, making it quite lovely for a massage.

How can the fitness ball be used?

There are many applications for the fitness ball. One of the most common uses is within some forms of Pilates and strength training. What the fitness ball does is add a level of instability to the exercises, making them more difficult to perform.

This allows you to use a wide range of muscles that you may not have been able to with the original exercise. By needing to balance yourself on the ball, you will also be learning about proper form for the exercises and allowing yourself to improve your balance. Some people even like to use a fitness ball instead of their office chair in order to improve their balance and work their core muscles throughout the day.

What are the benefits of using a fitness ball?

There are multiple benefits to using a fitness ball as a part of your exercise routine:

  • Increased variety
  • Increased difficult of exercises
  • Useful in stretching
  • Increased coordination
  • Increases core strength
  • Increased balance
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Softer surface than using floor

Overall, the fitness ball is a difficult piece of equipment to use because it takes a lot of concentration and balance, which is something that has been missing from traditional workout routines. However, over time, you can use the fitness call for more complicated movements that target multiple body areas in a minimal amount of time.

A fitness ball is a great asset to any fitness routine as well as in your daily life. You might want to even sit on one when you watch TV at night or when you’re sitting and reading.

By making you work hard to balance yourself, the fitness ball helps to strengthen and tighten your core muscles in ways that crunches cannot. However, your core does more than just improve the way your stomach looks; it helps keep you balanced and avoid injury.

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