Are Multi-Gyms A Waste of Money?

Originally used only by professional bodybuilders, multi-gyms have now become one of the most common forms of fitness equipment used in households. They are intended for people who have a hectic lifestyle and do not have the time to visit a professional gym.

Standard multi-gym features

They are equipped with chins, pulleys, weights and padded boards, which allow you to do different types of exercises, required for getting that all over toned and sculpted physique. Another advantage is that most multi-gyms can easily be installed in a standard sized household room and be quickly dismantled when not in use.

Top-quality multi-gyms are built to last, using heavy-duty steel that can withstand the pulls and pressures of muscle building exercises. Special padding is placed at appropriate places for reducing the risk of injury that might occur during the exercise regimen. Multi-gyms are designed to be used by anyone irrespective of height or the length of arms and legs.

Almost all the components of a multi-gym can be adjusted to suit the physical requirements of different types of users. It is important to ensure that you are using the right technique while pulling or lifting weights as improper positions can lead to muscle or ligament damage and even give a bad shape to your body if continued over a long period of time. You can avoid these risks by following the instructions in the guides, CDs, or DVD’s that are usually provided with your multi-gym.

The health benefits of the multi-gym

Regular workouts using multi-gyms can help build a leaner body mass, boost the metabolism rate and most importantly, burn off the extra fat in the body that is typically difficult to get rid off.

Over a period of eight to twelve weeks, you will develop lean muscles that will continue to burn stored body fat, even hours after your exercise. You should try exercising all the major muscles in your upper and lower body at different angles in order to get an attractive, sculpted physique.

For example, instead of doing three sets of ten repetitions on the lateral pull-ups, you can do three sets with different grip positions. The same procedure can be applied to other types of exercises. It is recommended that you plan your grip positions in advance and keep track of them for the whole week as failing to work out with all the positions may not give the desired results.

Are multi-gyms a good investment?

Some people are of the opinion that multi-gyms are a wasteful investment. While it is true that multi-gyms are some of the most expensive exercise equipment for the home, in view of the overall benefits, some experts term it as a value investment for those who want to maintain a good physique and overall body fitness.

The costs can usually be counted as being spread out over the whole family, as a single machine can handle the exercise requirements of all members, young and old, beginner or advanced and male or female.

Spending thirty to forty minutes on a multi-gym for five days a week will help increase your fitness levels and physical appearance, and strengthen your immune system. While a scientific study of the health patterns in users is not yet available, it is believed that regular use of a multi-gym helps in cutting down the risks of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and many others.

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