3 Exercise Bikes – Interactive, Recumbent and Upright Exercise Bikes

It is the ideal choice for a novice athlete or anyone with knee, joint or back problems that make walking and running to stay healthy more difficult. Rain, snow or excessive heat is no excuse to miss an important workout when you have an exercise bike.

Different types of exercise bikes are available to meet everyone’s needs and requirements. Each variety has different features and cost.



The Most Popular Types of Exercise Bikes Are:

The interactive exercise bike

The Interactive Exercise Bike

The interactive exercise bike is one of the more trendy types available on the market. This type of exercise bike offers a lot of extras, such as a flat screen display, earphones, heart rate monitor and more.

The recumbent exercise bike

The Recumbent Exercise Bike

If comfort and drive are what you are after, the recumbent exercise bike may be just your thing. These exercise bikes are more durable and provide a greater level of comfort than many other bikes.

In addition, they provide the user with an abundance of extra features, including LCD display, readout for time, calories, distance, heart rate and speed, storage tray, resistance system, adjustable tension system and much, much more.

The upright exercise bike

The Upright Exercise Bike

The upright exercise bike gives the rider the same feeling as riding a normal bike. The features on this type of exercise bike include, adjustable height, magnetic resistance and up to fifteen different workout levels.

Many studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of the exercise bike. Some of the benefits help individuals who have special health concerns, while other benefits are more wide-ranging and indirect.

One of the benefits of cycling is the ease with which it can be added to your daily life. You do not have to worry about buying a gym full of expensive equipment when you want to get in shape. In addition, you do not have to worry about learning any tricky moves or dance steps; you simply get on your exercise bike and ride your way to better health.

With an exercise bike, you will be able to work out all year long. You can ride while you watch television, read a book, listen to music or chat on the phone. Some exercise bikes even have attachments that allow you to work on your laptop while you ride. Working out with an exercise bike is something that you can stick with for the long term and reap lifelong benefits.

A Fantastic Cardiovascular Workout

Riding an exercise bike on a regular basis is a fantastic cardiovascular workout. It reduces the level of fat in the blood, improves circulation, strengthens the heart and reduces the resting heart rate. All you need to help keep your hearth healthy is a thirty-minute ride every other day.

When you work out with an exercise bike, you get the benefits of increased joint movement without all the pounding that you get from aerobics or running, which stresses joints and breaks down cartilage.

Cycling reduces the risk of joint inflammation or arthritis from worn cartilage. Cycling is not only easy on the joints, the cycling motion delivers the sustenance that the cartilage needs to strengthen and develop properly.

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