The Top 5 Strength Building Exercises

Man performing bent over barbell rows

If you’re someone who’s looking to get started with performing some strength building exercises, one thing that you must always remember is that the more muscle fibers you can work in a given instant, the better that exercise is going to help you achieve your goal.

In order to gain maximum strength, you want to be lifting a maximum amount of weight, and the more muscle fibers you have behind you powering you through the exercise, the easier this is going to be.

By learning the top five strength building exercises, you can ensure that you’re including these in your workout routine so that you can achieve the top level results that you’re after.

Let’s have a look at the key moves that you need to make note of.

The following are the top five strength building exercises that you should be including in your workout regularly.

Remember to take one day of rest between performing these so that you allow your body a chance to recover. Some people may need more than just a single day, so learn your own body and what its recovery rate is like.

1) The Bench Press

First up on our list is the classic bench press. If you want a strong upper body, this is a great exercise to turn to. It’s going to help to target the chest, the shoulders, the triceps, and even the biceps to a small degree.

When performing it make sure you breathe out as you press the weight upwards do experience a maximum contraction.

2) The Shoulder Press

Next you have the shoulder press. The shoulder press is a great shoulder strength building exercise and is one that will round out your upper body workout. This one is great for targeting the front, and side deltoid and will give you a nice capped appearance.

When performing this one, make sure that you keep the abs tight at all times to prevent a sway in your lower back from developing.

3) The Bent Over Row

Moving along, the bent over row is the next exercise that you’ll be adding into the mix. The bent over row is excellent for targeting the back muscles as well as the biceps and will help to add width to the upper body.

Perform this with a barbell if you want to see maximum strength gains.

4) The Deadlift

Moving over to the lower body, one of the top strength building exercises that you must make sure you do is the deadlift. The deadlift is ideal for targeting the hamstrings, glutes, as well as the lower back, and will burn up a high amount of calories while you do it.

This is great for boosting your metabolism and increasing the amount of protein synthesis that takes place, accelerating muscle building.

5) The Squat

Finally, last but not least, don’t forget about the squat. This is potentially the most powerful of the strength building exercises as it’s going to cause you to work so many muscles in the body at once and really accelerate your ability to generate force.

It’s going to hit every single muscle in the lower body as well as work the core and spinal column as well, so you really can’t go wrong adding it into your workout routine.

So there you have the primary strength building exercises that you must make sure you’re doing. Don’t overlook any of these if you want to see optimal success.

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