The Top 5 Bicep Exercises

Bodybuilder performing the barbell biceps curl

As you go about your workout program to build lean muscle mass, one muscle group that you cannot forget about is the biceps.

Most people are quite aware of the bicep muscle and are putting in a good amount of focus and attention to completing bicep exercises since it’s going to help them develop larger arms that gives them the ‘look’ that they’re after.

Let’s give you a brief overview of the top bicep exercises that you should be considering including in your program. Keep in mind you don’t want to do these all in one session, but rather alternate between them as you go about your workout program.

1: The Bicep Curl

The very first of the bicep exercises is the bicep curl. This is the most commonly performed exercise and is done with a simple set of dumbbells. Holding them down by your waist, you’ll want to curl them directly upwards in front of you until they are shoulder level.

Once there, pause and then lower back down to complete the rep.

2: The Barbell Curl

The second of the bicep exercises to consider is the barbell curl. The barbell curl is a great strength builder and is going to typically allow you to lift a little more weight than the regular dumbbell curl will.

To perform this one you’ll want to hold the barbell with your hands placed about shoulder width apart and then curl the weight directly upwards into the body.

Pause once you’re at the top and then lower the barbell back down again.

3: The Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is the next dumbbell movement to consider adding to your program plan. To perform this one you’ll want to grasp the dumbbells using a palms in hand position so that stress on the biceps is slightly different from the typical dumbbell curl.

Once you’re in position, you’ll simply want to curl the weight directly upwards, pausing once it gets close to the shoulders. Slowly lower the weight back down again and then pause once again before moving on to the next exercise.

4: The Reverse Curl

The reverse curl is the next of the dumbbell exercises that should be mentioned. This one is especially good for those who want to hit the forearms as well as the biceps as it’ll work the muscles in an entirely new way.

Most people won’t be able to lift as much weight when doing the reverse curl as they would the standard curl, so make sure that you adjust the weight downwards to reflect this.

When performing the reverse curl, place the hands slightly closer together on the barbell than normal, which will ensure that you don’t suffer from elbow pain.

5: The Bent Over Row

Finally, the fifth of the bicep exercises to consider is the bent over row. This movement is going to primarily hit the back muscles, but since you will be lifting a very significant amount of weight with this compound movement, it’s also great for developing the biceps as well.

Perform this one at the start of your workout routine for best results.

So there you have the main bicep exercises that you should consider adding into your workout. Do one or two during each upper body session and you should start seeing good results shortly.

The Best Bicep Exercises

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