5 of The Best Abdominal Exercises

Man performing the plank exercise

The most effective abdominal exercises to help tone and strengthen your core and abdominal region

As you go about designing your workout program to help you get abs, one thing that you should be taking into account are the top abdominal exercises to add into the mix.

Those who are making a note of which moves are going to yield the absolute best results possible are always going to see superior results because they’ll be targeting their abs in the precise manner they should be doing so.

Let’s walk you through the top abdominal exercises that you should be considering.

The 5 Top Abdominal Exercises

1: The Plank

The very first of the abdominal exercises that you should consider performing is the plank movement. The plank is great for working the entire core strength and enabling you to improve your balance and agility as well.

To help boost the intensity of this exercise, consider placing the hands or feet up on an exercise ball. This creates a very unstable surface and will get those muscle fibers contracting as hard as possible.

2: The Decline Sit-Up

Moving along, the next exercise to consider adding to the mix is the decline sit-up. Decline sit-ups are great because they’re going to work the lower abs maximally, which is one area that most people do struggle with on a regular basis.

In addition to this, decline sit-ups are going to place more stress on the abs as you go about the movement pattern due to the fact that gravity will be working upon them.

3: The Bicycle

Moving along, don’t overlook the bicycle exercise either. The bicycle is a terrific movement for enhancing your oblique strength level and creating the definition at the side of the abs that you’re going for.

When performing the bicycle make sure that you keep the feet slightly raised above the ground at all times as this is what will keep that tension high on those lower abs.

Twist slowly as you execute the movement pattern for best results.

4: The Lying Leg Raise

Next you have the lying leg raise. The lying leg raise is a terrific movement for anyone who’s looking to build great muscle definition while enhancing control over the spinal column position.

If you often find that you adopt a sway back throughout the day, lying leg raises will help resolve this issue. It’s important to perform these because if you are using that sway back position, you could be at risk for experiencing lower back pain.?

Make sure when executing this one of your abdominal exercises that you think of keeping the back pressed into the floor at all times.

5: The Ab Roll-Out

Finally, the last exercise to consider as you go about your workout program is the ab roll-out. This one involves the use of an ab roller device and is really going to get those top abs stimulated. Hold the ab roller in both hands and then slowly roll out and then back in again.

Only go as far down as you can while maintaining good control.

So there you have the top moves to keep in mind regarding the best abdominal exercises that are must-haves in your workout program. Get these in and you’ll be on your way to success.

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