A Simple Biceps Workout

Man lifting a barbell

Bulging biceps are usually a good indicator that someone works out. You may have seen guys kissing their bulging biceps just to show off. The biceps are those muscles; there are two of them hence the ‘bi’, in the front of the forearm that provides power in hand movements such as lifting or throwing.

The biceps are connected to the shoulders and the lower portion of the arms by tendons. Those wanting impressive arms pay special attention to their biceps workout.

Before starting any exercise, even a biceps workout, you must of course warm up to prevent injuries. Exercising or weight training, without first warming up properly, can cause damage to muscles.

The Different Types of Bicep Exercises:

There are a number of bicep exercises to help build these muscles in a biceps workout. The most effective biceps workout is the curl in its various manifestations, cable bicep curls, dumbbell preacher curls, and standing barbell curls to name a few.

Barbell/dumbbell Curls For Biceps Growth

This is the best and most popular exercise for a biceps workout. Hold the barbell (dumbbell) shoulder width apart, and hold your hands pointing straight down to the floor with your palms facing up. Keep your elbows close to your side (about an inch away) and lift the barbell towards your chest, keeping your back and elbows immobile. For best results inhale and hold while lifting, then exhale while lowering the barbells to your starting position. Rest for thirty seconds and repeat.

Hammer Curls For Biceps Growth

You will need two bar bells for a biceps workout. Similar to the barbell curls, you will hold the barbells with your palms facing your side. Hold the barbells in your hands, arms straight by your side. Lift your hands as far as you can without moving your elbows. You can also decide to do this one arm at a time.

This is great for making biceps bigger.

The Number of Repetitions For A Biceps Workout

This ultimately depends on your level of training. Someone who has been exercising for a while and is at an advanced stage of the game can do between six and twenty-four repetitions in three sets of any one biceps workout exercise.  At the intermediate level repetitions of between six and sixteen per set is recommended. At this level it is safe to complete twelve sets. The beginner should not exceed fifteen repetitions per set.

How Often Should You Train The Biceps

As with any other muscle group, you can over train your biceps, so be guided by professionals as you go about building the biceps you want to achieve. It is best to not exceed twice weekly biceps workout unless you’re a professional bodybuilder. To avoid overtraining limit your upper body workout to two hours, an hour of which can be for biceps workout.

Biceps Training Summary

Well defined biceps give the body symmetry and balance. Luckily, they are also among the easiest parts of the body to develop, hence showing that your biceps workout routine is not in vain. The biceps are generally trained to give strength, shape and size, both in males and females, but in varying degrees.

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