3 Tips For Getting Ripped Fast

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What are some simple tips for achieving a ripped means sub 10% body fat levels

If you’re someone who is on a mission to learn how to get ripped fast, it will help out considerably if you take some time to learn the main requirements that are necessary to go about reaching this goal.

Far too many people set the goal to learn how to get ripped fast, but then don’t get a proper plan in order that will help them reach their end goal.

By setting out your very own game plan, you can ensure that you are able to see the success that you desire.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know about how to get ripped fast.

Is It Possible To Reach Sub 10% Body Fat Levels Fast?

The very first thing that you should be thinking about is the body fat level you want to obtain. If you’re aiming to get down to 10% body fat or lower, this is going to take some serious effort.

At these body fat levels the body is going to fight you more to get and stay that lean, so don’t be surprised if you do see your progress slow down.

You will notice that fat loss moves along at a much slower pace when around the 10-15% mark compared to when you are say 15-25%.

In addition to this, females trying to reach sub 10% body fat will have an extremely difficult time as this will be tapping into their essential fat reserves. Not only is it not that healthy for them to be this low in total body fat, but they cannot sustain it for lengthy periods of time.

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Lose Weight Too Fast

The next thing to consider as you think about your goal of how to get ripped fast is why it’s not a good idea to attempt to lose weight too fast. If you’re going about your diet and using an ultra-low calorie intake to try and shed pounds quickly, you’re going to be at an increased risk of lean muscle mass loss.

The faster you lose the fat, especially when you are quite lean, the more chances you will start burning up muscle. This will then reduce your basal metabolic rate, making it that much harder to maintain your lean muscle mass over time.

3 Simple Tips For Becoming Ripped Fast

Tip 1 – How to Get Ripped Fast

Eat More protein!

Eat higher levels of protein

Eat higher levels of protein

First, make sure that you eat sufficient protein. Protein is the one food that will speed your metabolism, calm hunger, and make sure that you are maintaining your lean muscle tissue.

Tip 2 – How to Get Ripped Fast

Avoid Extreme Cardio!

Avoid too much cardio

Avoid too much cardio

In addition to this, make sure that you avoid extreme cardio workout plans. These also tend to accelerate muscle mass loss, but yet it’s what many people turn to when trying to get ripped fast.

Tip 3 – How to Get Ripped Fast

Cycle Your Diet With High Carb Days!

Make some days higher carb days

Make some days higher carb days

Finally, you should note that you should make sure to have periodic high carb days in the plan as this can help you get your metabolism running along more effectively again and you seeing the results you desire.

If you go too low carb for too long, your metabolism will plummet and further fat loss will feel like mission impossible.

So there you have the key things that you should keep in mind for how to get ripped fast. Go about your program in a slower manner using smart strategies and you will reach your end goal.

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