How To Recover Faster From Intense Workouts

Working out is not enough for building a perfect body. If you want results, you have to do more than just lifting 10-pound dumbbells and hitting the treadmill. The volume and intensity of your workouts make all the difference. A challenging workout can boost your metabolism, ignite muscle growth, and accelerate fat loss. Over time, it will enhance your strength and endurance, turning you into a better athlete.
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10 Simple Fat Burning Tips For Men and Women

Bodybuilder and fat man

We’re all looking for more and better ways of burning fat. Even if your weight is relatively stable, it’s a good idea to learn techniques for burning fat so that you can counteract the natural loss of muscle tone and slowing of the metabolism that comes with aging.

Take a look at these tips for burning fat.

1. Eat Regular Meals and Weight Loss Snacks

There are two things that get our metabolic rate moving in higher gear. One is exercise, the other is eating. We burn calories when we digest food, so eating regularly keeps our metabolism moving.

Studies have shown that people who graze throughout the day burn more calories than those who eat three big meals – even if the two people take in the same total number of calories. » Read more

4 Popular Fitness Exercises For Ladies

Lady performing a yoga position

Exercise doesn’t have to be a boring affair when you choose exercises you actually enjoy. While men are generally relegated to weight lifting and to running, ladies fitness options seem to be much more varied.

This allows women to choose exercises that they not only love to do, but also exercises that help them get into shape quickly and healthily.

From yoga to aerobics, Pilate’s to walking, ladies fitness is simple, fun, and challenging all at the same time. Don’t believe it? Here’s what ladies fitness can offer you. » Read more

Pilates Tips For Beginners

Lady performing the plough

If you’re interested in using Pilates as a part of your exercise routine, you’re not alone. Some estimates state that there are over 10 million people in the United States alone who are practicing Pilates on a daily basis.

What is Pilates?

Whenever you’re looking for a new way to get into shape, you might look for the latest classes and videos available. And while fads come and go, one exercise regimen seems to be popular year after year – Pilates.

This fairly old exercise regimen can help you get into the best shape of your life, using methods employed by dancers and other athletes to help redefine your muscles, reestablish your balance, and rebuild your stamina. Men and women can both benefit from the practice of Pilates, so this is an exercise structure for anyone to try. » Read more

How To Reduce Your Stress and Cortisol Levels

Sun glasses resting in the sand on a hot beach

As you go about your wellness program, one thing that you must take note of is your stress levels. Suffering from high levels of stress is only going to hinder your health in a major way, especially when cortisol is also involved.

Let’s take a quick look at what cortisol is and what the symptoms of stress are that you should know about – then provide you with a few tips to combat it.

What Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is the hormone that is released in times of stress and is going to serve as the ‘fight or flight’ response signifier. It’s going to help to increase blood sugar levels so that if you do need to fight, you’re ready for it. » Read more

How To Select Workout Clothes

Most of the time you are probably worried about having the right equipment for your workout like weights, mats, and exercise ball, for example. However, a vital part of your workout equipment is your workout clothes. What you wear can help you in a number of ways – though your clothes can do the workout for you.

Which exercises are you doing?

The workout clothes that you need vary depending on the kind of workout you are doing. For example, when you are going to a yoga class, you will want to have clothing that is easy to move in, though tight in order to see how your body is moving and what position you are in. However, when you are running, comfort is important so that you can complete a longer run.

Try to think about the movements that you will be doing before you buy workout clothes and then make decisions based on what you will be doing. » Read more

5 Exercises You Can Perform At Home

Man performing the plank exercise

In today’s economy, the trend toward exercise at home is definitely growing.

Even if you need to purchase some fitness equipment in order to have a home gym, in the long run, you’ll save money when you exercise at home over costly monthly gym fees.

And, getting your exercise at home has other advantages, too. You can work out whenever you please when you work out at home and other members of your household can benefit from the equipment you buy for yourself.

It’s easy to get a good workout when you exercise at home. Here are five types of exercise that are perfect for the home workout. » Read more

Fitness Apparel – Clothes – Shoes and Support

You wouldn’t do your job without the right equipment, would you?  And you wouldn’t workout in your suit that you wear to work, right? Since you are causing your body to workout in a more strenuous manner, you need fitness apparel to handle the rigors of your regular routine. By choosing the right fitness apparel, you will allow your body to get the most of your training as well as protect itself from harm.

Shoes and trainers

The fitness apparel that you choose for your feet is probably the most important part of your fitness routine. Since your feet are generally taking on most of the stress of any movement you make, they need to be cushioned and supported so that you’re not causing injury.

You will want to go to an athletic store in order to find the proper shoes for your chosen fitness activity, as shoes from other stores might not be crafted as well. If you’re doing more than one fitness activity, try to find shoes that can accommodate the changing conditions – cross trainers work well. » Read more

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball

Man using a fitness ball

What’s interesting about fitness trends is that most of the time the exercises remain the same, but the equipment used to perform them will change. Take for example, Pilates.

While these exercises can be performed without any equipment, you can use the original and expensive Reformer machine or a fitness ball. And this innovation allows you to have all of the benefits of Pilates enthusiasts without having to search for a studio with a Reformer. » Read more

The Benefits of Regular Exercise For Women

It is a medically proven fact that a regular exercise routine is vital to maintain good health, in both men and women. Some women harbor inhibitions about exercising, for various reasons.

Simple yet effective ways of overcoming this is by performing day-to day tasks differently and enjoy them as fun-filled fitness activities. For instance, vacuuming with more vigor, walking briskly during breaks or doing arm curls with a can of soup, will help in increasing the blood flow and also strengthen muscles. » Read more

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