6 of The Best Superfoods


There’s lot’s of talk about superfoods these days, are the claims too good to be true?

Most of us know the basics when it comes to eating healthy; we all know that fruit and vegetables will help with a healthier lifestyle.

There’s also plenty of talk about the 5 A DAY which should be a variety of 5 different fruits and vegetables.

There are many benefits from eating the 5 a day:

  • Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals
  • They are an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants
  • They can help maintain a healthy weight.
  • They may also help reduce heart disease, stroke and some cancers

5 A Day is great but if you want to add even healthier foods to your diet consider some of the following superfoods, these may help you reach even higher levels of health and fitness.

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Natural Foods High In Antioxidants


Antioxidants are chemical compounds that help to get rid of free radicals in the body. Free radicals travel throughout the body and damage healthy living cells. Free radicals come from a wide variety of sources and are almost impossible to avoid.

Antioxidants bind the free radicals in your body preventing them from doing further damage.

Antioxidants are very helpful in preventing diseases such as cancer, and heart disease. They have also been found to be beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels and increasing energy and stamina.

Antioxidants help to reduce the signs of aging and prevent early aging markers. Antioxidants are also believed to repair and help prevent oxidative stress which damages cells and causes disease. » Read more

10 Simple Fat Burning Tips For Men and Women

Bodybuilder and fat man

We’re all looking for more and better ways of burning fat. Even if your weight is relatively stable, it’s a good idea to learn techniques for burning fat so that you can counteract the natural loss of muscle tone and slowing of the metabolism that comes with aging.

Take a look at these tips for burning fat.

1. Eat Regular Meals and Weight Loss Snacks

There are two things that get our metabolic rate moving in higher gear. One is exercise, the other is eating. We burn calories when we digest food, so eating regularly keeps our metabolism moving.

Studies have shown that people who graze throughout the day burn more calories than those who eat three big meals – even if the two people take in the same total number of calories. » Read more

5 Dieting Foods For Natural Weight Loss

Slices of wholemeal bread

Choosing the right foods can make dieting so much easier. Eating foods that are filling yet low in calories helps ensure that you lose weight without feeling deprived.

There are plenty of good diet foods out there if you just know where to look. Often, eating simple foods with minimal processing helps ensure that we don’t take in too many calories.

Check out these diet foods to help you lose weight without feeling hungry.

1. Whole Grains

Choosing whole grain foods can help you lose weight without feeling hungry because whole grain foods contain more fiber than more processed foods. » Read more

Meal Plan For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

King tiger prawn on a bed of rice

“Give me a 64-ounce steak, double-baked potato with extra sour cream and an apple pie for dessert. No, not a slice – give me the whole pie, please.”

If you have ever had the opportunity to go out with a bodybuilder for dinner, you would be familiar with that kind of order delivered to the distressed waitress.

These high-carbohydrate, high-protein, and high-fat diet meals were the popular method for packing on muscle and climbing the scale. “I’ll pack on all the weight I can now, then melt off the fat later,” was the common motto. » Read more

What Are The Benefits of The Zone Diet?

Apple with tape measure

Everyone wants to lose just a little weight in order to look better and to feel better about themselves. But finding a program that is healthy as well as effective can be tricky.

Too often, we are surrounded by numerous advertisements for the latest fad diet. And while these can work, they aren’t necessarily effective when you want to lose the weight for good.

To make sure you become slim and stay that way, you need to try something different – like the Zone Diet. Not only is this a healthy approach to the way you eat, but it can also help you slim down and feel great. » Read more

How To Flatten Your Tummy

Roasted almonds

Before you learn the best way to flatten tummies, you need to understand how the body works and why we gain weight on the tummy in the first place.

Many people think that the need to flatten tummies comes from lack of exercise or not eating properly. This may in fact be the case in some situations, but not always. » Read more

The Best Vitamins For Bones and Joints


Whether we realize it or not, we could not manage our lives without the bones in our bodies. Our bones not only create structure for our arms and our legs, but they also help to protect our internal organs and our brain.

As our bones are so helpful to us, it only makes sense that we be helpful in supporting their health as well. There are numerous vitamins which help the bones and joints – and they may not be what you think. While calcium is certainly an important mineral for bone health, there are numerous other supplements you can add to help protect your bones. » Read more

Which Vitamins Can Help Improve Your Memory?


Your memory is one thing you can’t leave home without. Whether you’re dashing out to the store for a few items or you’re trying to remember past family events, you rely on your memory each and every day to help you manage your life.

But the truth is that as we age, so do our brains – and does our ability to remember the things we need to recall. Instead of simply letting nature takes its course, you might want to look into several different vitamins to help you with your mind. Though memory boosting vitamins aren’t a guarantee that you’ll always remember your keys, perhaps they will help you remember when your anniversary is. » Read more

The 30 Best Food Sources of Vitamin K


Vitamin K is important to the body because it helps with blood clotting and helps to build strong bones, in addition to protecting the heart as well.

For anyone who needs to increase the amount of Vitamin K that they consume, several different food sources are high in Vitamin K that you can include in your regular balanced diet.

What is Vitamin K?

At least two forms of Vitamin K occur naturally. These forms of Vitamin K have been identified as Vitamins K1 and Vitamin K2. Both forms of Vitamin K are a derivative of quinone. » Read more

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