How to Prevent Muscle Loss When Dieting

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Want to shed fat quickly?

Are you concerned about muscle loss?

If so, make sure you plan your diet carefully. Although it’s impossible to lose fat without losing muscle, you can reduce the damage. A high-protein diet and adequate rest can help maintain lean mass and bring you closer to your goals. Also, it’s important to keep lifting heavy without overdoing cardio.

The Truth about Muscle Loss When Cutting

Like it or not, you’ll lose muscle while dieting. In general, pro athletes and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids so they can preserve muscle and shed fat. However, this doesn’t apply to regular gym goers who simply want to stay in shape.

Just make sure you are aware that any diet will cause muscle loss to some extent. » Read more

The 4 Phases of The Dukan Diet Plan

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If you’re looking to see lasting weight loss success, one diet plan that you might consider that’s growing rapidly in popularity is the Dukan diet. This diet is really taking the world by storm as more people are starting up on it and realizing all the many benefits that it has to offer.

While it originally came about in the UK, now people everywhere around the world are abiding by the principles the plan lays out and are experiencing great fat loss success.

Before you make the decision of whether or not the Dukan diet is right for you though, it’s important to take the time to learn the basics of what this diet is all about so that you can feel confident moving forward it’s going to work with your food preferences and lifestyle.

Let’s give you all the details that you need to know about what the Dukan diet is about. » Read more

5 Dieting Foods For Natural Weight Loss

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Choosing the right foods can make dieting so much easier. Eating foods that are filling yet low in calories helps ensure that you lose weight without feeling deprived.

There are plenty of good diet foods out there if you just know where to look. Often, eating simple foods with minimal processing helps ensure that we don’t take in too many calories.

Check out these diet foods to help you lose weight without feeling hungry.

1. Whole Grains

Choosing whole grain foods can help you lose weight without feeling hungry because whole grain foods contain more fiber than more processed foods. » Read more

10 Simple Steps To Increase Your Natural Testosterone Levels

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There are many factors that determine how much muscle a person can ultimately build. Training intensity, nutrition, supplementation and rest; these are just a few of the many variables that will contribute to your overall muscle-building “bottom line”.

Another major factor in this giant equation is your body’s natural levels of the anabolic hormone testosterone.

Quite simply, testosterone is the most important muscle-building hormone in your body and is one of the limiting factors that determines how much muscle a person can build. » Read more

8 Tips and Strategies For Maximum Muscle Gains

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There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to the topic of building muscle, and sometimes it can be very difficult to know where to start. If you’re an average beginner looking for some basic guidelines to follow in the gym, the following 8 points will start you off on the right track.

1) Train With Weights and Focus On Compound, Free Weight Movements.

If you want to make solid, noteworthy gains in muscle size and strength, you absolutely must train with free weights and focus on basic, compound exercises. A compound exercise is any lift that stimulates more than one muscle group at a time. » Read more

Meal Plan For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle

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“Give me a 64-ounce steak, double-baked potato with extra sour cream and an apple pie for dessert. No, not a slice – give me the whole pie, please.”

If you have ever had the opportunity to go out with a bodybuilder for dinner, you would be familiar with that kind of order delivered to the distressed waitress.

These high-carbohydrate, high-protein, and high-fat diet meals were the popular method for packing on muscle and climbing the scale. “I’ll pack on all the weight I can now, then melt off the fat later,” was the common motto. » Read more

Which Vitamins Can Help Improve Your Memory?


Your memory is one thing you can’t leave home without. Whether you’re dashing out to the store for a few items or you’re trying to remember past family events, you rely on your memory each and every day to help you manage your life.

But the truth is that as we age, so do our brains – and does our ability to remember the things we need to recall. Instead of simply letting nature takes its course, you might want to look into several different vitamins to help you with your mind. Though memory boosting vitamins aren’t a guarantee that you’ll always remember your keys, perhaps they will help you remember when your anniversary is. » Read more

What Does Vitamin D Do?

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While most of us are familiar with calcium, we tend to forget that Vitamin D is also an important part of that equation. In order to build strong bones, we need both of these nutrients in our bodies.

But what’s most interesting about Vitamin D is that it can be naturally produced by the body when we exposure our skin to sunlight. It’s no wonder, then, that Vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more prevalent as we begin to cover our skin completely from the sun in order to protect from things like skin cancer. Maybe it is time to head out into the sun more often. And here’s why. » Read more

What is Saturated Fat?

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Everyone has at one time or another heard the term ‘saturated fat’. We know that it is not good for us, but what exactly is saturated fat?

Saturated fat is normally found in products that come from animals.

Foods such as eggs, diary products, milk, cheese, cream and traditional ice cream, animal skin (turkey and chicken, and also cow skin which is eaten in some parts of the world), and animal fat are all sources of saturated fat.

Some processed meats also have a high saturated fat content. Some vegetable based foods are also high in saturated fat, such as palm oil and coconut oil.

The main characteristic of saturated fat is that it becomes solid at room temperature. » Read more

What Are The Benefits of Being a Vegetarian?

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Nearly everyone has heard of or knows a vegetarian in their lives. However, the concept can seem mysterious when you’re not a part of that kind of lifestyle. There are many myths surrounding vegetarianism and how it works, so to dispel some of these myths, here is a simple definition of being vegetarian as well as what benefits you can expect from trying it yourself.

What is a vegetarian?

A vegetarian is someone who decides to limit their consumption of animal based products. You can choose to abstain from animal products entirely – these people are called vegans. They don’t eat anything that comes from an animal and many don’t use anything in their lives that might have been produced from and animal or animal-related products (i.e. leather, honey, etc.). » Read more

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