Which Vitamins Can Increase Your Energy Levels?

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If you’re like anyone in the world today, you could do with some extra energy. From work obligations to home obligations, it seems there’s never enough time and certainly never enough sleep to get you through the tasks you need to do. But are there ways to enhance your energy?

Good nutrition is one such way to begin to support your body through these stressful times. Following this logic, it would seem that supplements would be a good way to add vitamins to your life without taking up too much time or effort. The business for energy enhancing vitamins is booming, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Can Vitamins Help Increase Your Energy Levels?

What you need to learn about your body is that energy is derived from one source: calories. When you take in food, your body breaks it down, allowing it to become energy and fuel for your cells’ functions. But when you look at a bottle of vitamins, you will notice there are no calories listed in the ingredients or on the nutritional labeling.

Vitamins themselves are actually not able to boost your energy, especially if you’re not eating a healthy diet. Within a healthy diet are all the nutrients your body needs in a more absorbable format. However, you can use some vitamins as energy enhancing vitamins – but they will need to be a part of a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine, and a consistent sleep schedule in order to be effective.

The B Vitamins

Some of the most commonly used vitamins for energy are the B vitamins. These vitamins can be found individually and they can be found as a B complex. Since these vitamins are water-soluble, it is difficult to take too many of them, so that’s an added benefit.

The B6 and the B12 vitamins seem to offer the greatest chance of helping you feel more energetic. B6 is a B vitamin which is involved in the body’s metabolism. If the body’s metabolism is working efficiently, it will allow you to maximize the energy that is being taken from the foods you eat. When your metabolism isn’t working properly, you might eat well, but the nutrients aren’t being delivered to your body.

The B12 vitamin is linked with the chemical reactions in the body as well, helping the cells of the body be more efficient in their tasks, which will conserve the energy you have from food. Your cells will still be able to do the work they need to do, even if you’re under a lot of stress.

B vitamins in general are linked with the nervous system, so they are helpful in reducing your feelings of stress and anxiety. These feelings alone can cause you to feel more tired than you actually are, which could be the true cause of your current fatigue.

Vitamin C Helps In Energy Conversion

Vitamin C is another of the energy enhancing vitamins you might want to try. Involved in cellular repair, this is a vitamin that works with the cellular functions to make sure any damage caused during the day is repaired while you sleep or while you are rest.

This ensures your body is always performing at its peak ability. In addition, you will be glad to know that Vitamin C is also involved in the process of converting energy in the body. By taking chemicals to the mitochondria in the body, you can ensure that your cells are producing as much energy as possible for you to use.

Don’t Forget The Daily Multi-Vitamin

While the current research is showing that many people may not need a multivitamin in order to stay healthy, if you’re already under a lot of stress with your job or with your life, you might want to add this to your daily regimen. Since you might not be making the best diet choices, this supplement will help you and your body until you are able to make better food choices.

A daily supplement will also help a stressed and tired body because you are probably using more vitamins and minerals than you typically would if you weren’t under stress, making you feel tired. By taking this supplement, you giving yourself the boost you need and you are protecting yourself from further damage.

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