The Best Vitamins For Bones and Joints


Whether we realize it or not, we could not manage our lives without the bones in our bodies. Our bones not only create structure for our arms and our legs, but they also help to protect our internal organs and our brain.

As our bones are so helpful to us, it only makes sense that we be helpful in supporting their health as well. There are numerous vitamins which help the bones and joints – and they may not be what you think. While calcium is certainly an important mineral for bone health, there are numerous other supplements you can add to help protect your bones.

As we age, our bone density can become lessened, especially in women after menopause, leaving us more susceptible to bone breaks after accidents like slips and falls. To prevent bone weakness, we need to begin by adding these vitamins which help the bones and joints now before the damage can not be undone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be absorbed from the sun

Vitamin D can be absorbed from the sun

Vitamin D is one of the expected vitamins to help with bones and joints. This vitamin is used in conjunction with calcium in order to help the body hold onto calcium in order to keep the bones strong. What’s interested about this vitamin right now is that it is actually not being consumed as often as we might think.

While the body can produce Vitamin D on its own, with the help of sunlight, our current trend of avoiding the sun has actually caused the overall population to have lower levels of Vitamin D in their bloodstream.

Even though there are many fortified foods which can help us restore healthy levels, adding a supplement as well as a few minutes of sun each day will allow your body the chance to sustain consistently healthy levels of the vitamin. Of course, adding milk and fortified dairy products to your diet will also be a helpful step.

Vitamin K

Spinach contains vitamin k

Spinach contains vitamin k

Many people don’t even think of the Vitamin K when they are looking at ways to improve their diet. But K is actually an important player in the fight against bone loss. While its primary job is to help the body with blood clotting and coagulation, the vitamin is also involved in moving the calcium we take in from the arteries to the bones themselves.

This process ensures that the bones are getting the calcium they need and that all of the calcium we take in is being used effectively and efficiently.

Vitamin K is now being added to calcium supplements, but it can also be found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Just be sure to check with your doctor if you are on any blood thinners as Vitamin K can counteract their effects.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B can be found in dark green leafy vegetables

Vitamin B can be found in dark green leafy vegetables

Surprisingly, it seems Vitamin B is also able to help the bones and joints. Studies have shown that as people age, a certain chemical is created (homocysteine) when the body begins to break down a certain amino acid. As this chemical level rises, the person has a higher risk of heart disease, but also bone loss. Vitamin B is able to break down homocysteine, helping to protect the bones and the joints from damage.

Taking a regular Vitamin B complex seems to be most effective, but adding Vitamin B rich foods like red meat, dairy, and dark green leafy vegetables will also be helpful to protect your bones.

Start Protecting Your Bones and Joints Today

Many people think that if they haven’t already used vitamins which help the bones and joints that they are doomed to bone loss and fractures. This is far from the case. Studies have shown that using these vitamins at any point of your life can help to protect your bones and joints from further damage.

The body is a wondrous thing and will try to repair your body as best it can, but you also need to help support it. Simply adding weight bearing exercises to a health diet as well will allow you to begin to slow bone loss and to begin to regain bone density.

Drinking your milk is one step, but so is adding regular exercise to your life in order to strengthen your muscles, joints, and bones.

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