Is It Worth Taking Multi-Vitamins Everyday?

Selection of vitamin pills

At some point or another, you might realize that you’re not as healthy as you might like to be.  Maybe you’re stressed out at work or you’re just feeling a little more tired than you think that you should. At these times, you might start to wonder if taking supplements can help you restore your vitality or help you boost your immune system. But do you even need to take supplements?

The question of multivitamins

Most of us aren’t eating as healthfully as we probably should be. Perhaps it’s due to a lack of time, a lack of money for nutritious foods, or maybe just a lack of knowledge about what constitutes a healthy diet. In any of these instances, the idea of supplements can be quite appealing to fill in any gaps that you might have in your diet.

And this is sound thinking on your part. When you aren’t able to eat healthfully, a well-balanced multivitamin is a good thing for you to take until you can start to balance your diet.

However, if you’re already eating a balanced diet, do you need these kinds of supplements?  If you’re able to eat from all of the major food groups as well as drink plenty of water and get some sunshine each day, chances are good that you may already be getting all that you need from your diet and that you don’t necessarily need that multivitamin.

The foods that you are eating need to be fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and some protein, but it is simple to eat well enough to avoid depletion of your body’s necessary nutrients.

Are there cases in which you should take a multivitamin?

As stated before those that are under high stress situations will benefit tremendously from taking a multivitamin on a regular basis, but they aren’t the only ones that want to make sure that they are getting enough nutrition. Those that are trying to conceive and those that are pregnant will also want to make use of good supplements that are recommended by their doctor.

Those that have problems with any deficiencies will also need to supplements as directed by their physician. Anemic people, for example, will need to take iron supplements.

Supplements that are helpful to take

However, supplements are really a much larger group of pills that you can take. They include vitamins and minerals as well as herbal supplements and amino acids. When you start to individually supplement your diet in this way, you may end up taking too much of one vitamin or not enough of another.

Of course, there are some vitamins and minerals that you will want to supplement individually – calcium for women is especially important.

If you’re looking to increase your overall health, quality multivitamin supplements are generally the best choices for the average person. And because you’re getting all of the basic recommended daily allowances of the essential vitamins and minerals, it is much easier than remembering to take multiple pills.

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