The Importance of Drinking Water

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Water is more than just important, it’s critical. Water is a building block of life and without it, there is no life.

Why We Need Water

Many people do not fully understand the importance of water. In fact, water makes up a total of 50% to 70% of the total bodyweight of an average adult, making the importance of water somewhat significant.

The importance of water is so great that if your body does not get regular refills of water, chances of surviving for more than a few days are incredibly slim.

The importance of water is critical for the maintenance and growth of the body because it is required for several different processes that are essential for your overall health and well being. Water that the body has lost from sweating and urination must be sufficiently replaced in order to remain in good health.

The Water In The Body Comes From 3 Main Sources:

  1. Solid foods. Especially vegetables and fruits, but also other foods like cheese and bread.
  2. Beverages. Plain water is best, but you can also get a certain amount of water from other drinks.
  3. By-product. This is caused from chemical reactions that take place within the body.

Without understanding the importance of water and getting an adequate amount each and every day, your body may become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and headaches as well as difficulty concentrating.

Chronic dehydration can cause serious health issues such as kidney stones and constipation.

Are you beginning to realize the importance of water?

What Water Does in the Body

To truly understand the importance of water, you must first understand what water does in the body. Water works inside the body to get out the harmful toxins that come from the food that you eat, the chemicals that are present in your hair and skin products, as well as all of the dangerous toxins floating around in the air that you breathe.

The importance of water is significant for keeping your systems running clean.

In addition, water also works like a cushion for all of your joints and carries nutrients and oxygen to all of the cells of your body. Water also has the job of temperature regulator to make sure the body stays just right all of the time. Water is also important to keep the metabolism in proper working order. The importance of water is great because it helps your body get what it needs to run smooth.

If you do not recognize the importance of water and get a certain amount in your body each and every day, you may suffer some serious consequences.

The importance of water is so great that without the right amount of water your blood pressure will fall to hazardously low levels. If you do not realize the importance of water and fail to get enough, blood clots can form, normal kidney function can become hindered, and you may also suffer from serious constipation as well.

How Much Water Should We Drink?

The average healthy adult requires from one and a half to three litres of water every day. Make it your personal goal to acknowledge the importance of water and drink at least six to eight full size glasses of water every day.

Drinks like iced tea, fruit juice and coffee count toward your fluid intake and provide additional nutrients as well. However, it is always best to drink plain water whenever possible.

If you participate in physical activities on a regular basis your required fluid intake will increase. The importance of water is increased when the weather is hot. You should be able to determine if you are getting enough water in your diet by monitoring the colour of you urine. If it is a dark yellow colour, you need to drink more water every day. If it is pale to clear in colour, you are doing just fine.

Other indications that you may not be getting an adequate amount of water in your body include urinary tract infections, dry skin, constipation and frequent headaches.

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