Does Wu-Yi Tea Help You Lose Weight?

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Wu-yi tea is a Chinese herbal tea that has recently garnered a lot of interest and appeal. The Wu-yi tea was recently featured on the Oprah show and has been promoted by Rachel Ray, although neither of these women promote a certain brand or flavor of tea.

All of the recent talk about Wu-yi tea has caused many people to become curious about the tea and what it is supposed to be able to do.

What Is Wu-yi Tea?

Wu-yi tea is a variety of the Chinese Oolong tea. It is named for the area in which it is grown, in the Wuyi mountains of China in the Fujian Province. There are several different varieties of Wu-Yi tea, each with a full bodied flavor with a distinctive taste and aroma that is sweet and flowery..

The oolong variety of tea, which Wu-yi belongs to, contains the highest plant polyphenol count of all three teas. These teas are green, white and black. Polyphenol are substances that are found in teas that trigger an action called thermo genesis in the body when consumed. When the body has thermo genesis triggered it stimulates enzymes to burn off calories by dissolving fatty tissues known as triglycerides.

Wu-yi tea is considered a medium grade of tea. It is not as strong or processed as traditional black tea, and it is more potent than the lighter green tea. It is offered with a range of ten to seventy percent oxidation. Wu-yi tea has been called a clear tea due to it’s transparency.

Wu-yi tea is not a single variety of tea ,but rather a collection of teas that are grown in the Wuyi Mountains. There are different flavors and types of Wu-yi tea that can be purchased and enjoyed. Each of the flavors will have a distinct taste.

Wu-yi Tea Health Benefits

Wu-yi tea has many health benefits. Drinking several cups of the tea a day can help to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels. Wu-yi tea can also help to destroy free radicals that cause premature aging.

The anti-carcinogenic antioxidants in Wu-yi tea can also help to prevent cancer and gingivitis and helps to boost the immune system to prevent illness. Wu-yi tea has a low caffeine level and provides people with a more natural energy boost than coffee or black tea.

Drinking Wu-yi tea has also been said to help control obesity, increase the metabolism and energy levels and promote healthy skin and bones. Wu-yi tea also inhibits the abnormal formation of blood clots, helps aid with digestion and relieves feelings of tiredness. Enjoying a relaxing and delicious cup of Wu-yi tea may also help to reduce stress.

Green teas and oolong teas such as Wu-yi have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. The tea has no known side effects and scientific studies have shown that the properties in the tea do play a role in the oxidation of fat.

Wu-yi Tea And Weight Loss

Wu-yi tea has been promoted as being a miracle product that effortlessly melts away unwanted fat deposits. The tea is effective at stimulating enzymes that burn calories by dissolving fatty tissues, but there is no magic pill that will make years of bad eating choices suddenly disappear.

Combining the Wu-yi tea with a healthy diet and an exercise program will help drinkers to shed unwanted pounds and promote an overall sense of health and well-being.

Drinking the Wu-yi variety of oolong tea has been said to increase the amount of calories that are burned by 100 to 200 calories a day.

Research has been done to prove the claims of the fat fighting components of Wu-yi tea. A study of the Journal of Medical Investigation Japanese scientists discovered that people who drank two cups of the diet Wu-yi tea had more than 157% greater fat burning results than those who did not drink the tea, or who drank simple green tea.

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