Ladies Arm Toning Exercises

Young lady performing a push-up

Whether you want to wear a tank top or a slinky dress, your arms are going to take center stage.

And while you might not think of your arms as being overweight, a lack of tone can make them appear out of sync with the rest of your trim and muscled body.

To help firm things up, you need arm toning exercises that not only build muscle, but also do so without adding bulk. Thankfully, it’s much harder for women to add bulk to their bodies, so these arm toning exercises are only going to tighten things up – just in time for the warmer months and that special occasion you’ve been dreading.

It’s easy for many women to focus on their lower bodies as that is where most women tend to accumulate weight. But if your arms are out of shape, this can make your body appear unbalanced. Your arms need to be strong in order to help you maneuver through your day as well.

When you want to lift something or you want to sit at a desk for hours on end, you need your arms to be strong and firm. This way, you will reduce the potential for injuries and you will be able to handle any task that comes your way. Here are the arm toning exercises that can make these tasks possible.

Pushups Are Very Effective For Toning The Arms

One of the most basic and most effective arm toning exercises is the old-fashioned pushup. In using your body weight, you are putting the maximum amount of pressure you can on your upper body. This creates a far more efficient movement and an exercise you can do anywhere. To complete a solid pushup, you will want to lie on the floor on your stomach. Put your palms flat on the ground and your toes on the floor, push your body up slowly and then lower slowly.

If this movement is too difficult, you can pushup from your knees instead of your toes. If that movement is still too difficult, you can stand about two feet from a wall and push off from there.

Balancing the Biceps and Triceps

The biceps and triceps are opposing muscles on your arm, and balancing them will give you a defined look. One of the best arm toning exercises for both is the pushup, but you can also add this movement. Standing up, take a weight in one hand with your palm facing away from the body. Slowly curl the weight up to your shoulders and then lower down.

When you reach the bottom of the movement, lean forward and then slowly lift the weight back and behind your body until you feel your tricep on the back of your arm tighten, slowly lower your arm down. You can repeat this movement for as many repetitions as you can handle on one side of your body before switching to the other side.

The Shoulder Lift Exercise

Your shoulders are what will make your body look even slimmer when you are unveiling your upper body. Because your shoulders create proportion in your body, if you are thick waisted, bigger shoulders can make your waist look smaller. Of course, you don’t want extremely big shoulders, but this is nearly impossible without hours each day in the gym.

To sculpt your shoulders, you will want to take a weight in each hand and lift them up to the shoulder level, palms facing out from the body. Slowly lift the weights above your head, keeping the weights in a straight line up from the shoulders. Slowly bring the weights back down. Repeat.

Perform These Exercises 2 to 3 Times A Week

To make sure you are sculpting a firm upper body, you will want to perform these exercises regularly, about two to three times a week, with days off in between. This will help your muscles rebuild between workouts, as these workouts break down muscle fibers.

You gain strength and tone when the fibers are allowed to rebuild. It will also help if you use the heaviest weight you can when performing each exercise. But this weight should not prevent you from performing the exercise correctly. If you can not perform the exercise correctly, you will want to choose a lighter weight for a while. Then when that weight gets too easy, then you can move up in the weight measurement.

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