How To De-Stress – 8 Tips for Reducing Stress Levels

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Stress is an increasing problem that not only makes us uncomfortable, but is unhealthy as well. Understanding that, and then learning how to minimise stress and de-stress, is a good step in the direction of better and longer-lasting health.

What Is Meant By The Term De-stress?

Stress is the way your body responds to demands. Stress can be caused by good experiences just as easily as by bad. When you are stressed by something that is happening around you, your body releases chemicals into your blood.

These chemicals cause you to have more strength and energy, which is a good thing if your stress is brought on by physical danger.

However, if the stress is emotionally stimulated, there is nowhere for the additional strength and energy to go. You must find a way to de-stress to prevent internal damage to your body.

The best way to de-stress is to take control of your own situation by letting go of the things that you cannot control. In order to de-stress successfully, you must make external changes that will lead to internal changes within your body.

Why We Get Stressed

Many people in the world feel anxious or tense at work. Bosses and co-workers make each other very crazy day in and day out. Home life is no breeze either as more and more people deal with stressful personal lives. Most everyone has some type of stress in his or her life.

Stress is caused by a number of different things. It may come from something physical, such as fear when you are in danger. Stress may also come from your emotions, such as worrying about work or concern for your family. Knowing what causes your stress is the first step to learning how to de-stress.

One cause for stress is survival stress. You have probably heard of the “fight or flight” response. This is the normal reaction to danger. If something threatens you, your body reacts with a surge of energy to help you manage the situation or flee the scene. If something is scaring you, you should begin with eliminating that cause to de-stress and feel better.

You may need to de-stress from worrying about the things that you cannot change. Internal stress is very common, and is the most important to de-stress. People who suffer from this type of stress develop a habit of being stressed and essentially stress themselves.

If you find that you are worrying over things that are out of your control, you can de-stress by accepting the situation and moving forward with your life.

The things around you like noise, crowds or work may be stressing you. Identify these environmental stresses and learn how to avoid them to de-stress efficiently. Stress from working too hard and letting yourself become fatigued is hard on your body. To de-stress you need to learn how to better manage your time. It is also important to find time for yourself to rest and recuperate—to de-stress.

8 Tips to Help You Reduce Stress In Your Life

Exercise is excellent for reducing stress levels

The need to de-stress can be eliminated if you learn to prevent stress. Here are a few common solutions that have helped many people:

1) Take care of yourself

The most effective way to de-stress is to prevent stress by getting plenty of sleep and exercise, eat healthy, do not smoke and limit your alcohol intake to a moderate level.

2) Get organized

Clutter is a reminder of work to be done, which keeps you stressed. Get rid of all of the physical clutter around you to eradicate mental clutter. You will feel happier and have surprisingly more energy.

3) Set limits

Do not let other people’s hurtful behaviour keep you stressed. Set limits on how much is too much and when someone crosses the line, let them know.

4) Personal time

Everyone needs a little time to themselves. Make a list of all of the things that you greatly enjoy, yet never have the time to do. Put the list in order according to priority. Next, add the top five or seven things to your daily planner.

By marking the calendar, you will be more likely to follow through with the activities. It may be nothing more than reading a book or taking a bubble bath, but it will help all aspects of your life to have this time set aside for you.

5) Be optimistic

Attitude has more of an impact on your life than you may realize. By thinking positive thoughts and always expecting the best, good things will be attracted to you naturally.

6) Enjoy your work

If you do not wake up in the morning anxious to get back to work, ready to do your best and feel that what you do is important, then you need to find an alternative source of income.

The majority of people spend most of their waking hours at work. If you are not doing something that you love, it will only increase the stress in your life.

7) Know when to say no

If you are not careful, you will end up living your life for others as opposed to the life that you want for yourself. The next time someone suggests you do something, take the time to consider if that is what you really want to do. Do not take on loads of work when you do not have to time. De-stress by learning to say no; people will understand.

8) Exercise is proven to reduce stress levels

The benefits of exercise, especially aerobic exercise, include strengthening your heart, controlling weight, lowering blood sugar and boosting your moods. Regular aerobic exercise will provide you with more stamina and help with keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Many people have sought for a way out and a way to de-stress. The world is full of quick fixes to make you feel better like chatting with friends, going for a walk or taking a weekend trip.

The problem with these strategies is that they are only temporary solutions. In order to successfully de-stress, you need to change your routine, perhaps your entire lifestyle.


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