Why Bother Getting Six Pack Abs?

Man with excellent ripped six pack abdominals

What is the six pack?

Six pack is the term used to refer to the flat, rippled stomach muscles of well-toned men and women. Other names for six pack are washboard abs, and cinderblock abs. Women admire them, men envy those who have them and many want them, but what does it take to get great abs?

Although the term is not often used to refer to women, many women who go to the gym as well as professional female body builders, want to have flat, well tone abdominal muscles as well, that is, they too want to have a six pack.

A six pack is important for good posture because the stomach muscles support the spine.

Why is a six pack such a big deal?

Six pack abs are admired for different reasons by different persons. One of these reasons is the fact that they look attractive; six pack abs beat flab any day. Defined abdominal muscles are also seen as a symbol of strength and good health.

Persons with a six pack also tend to feel more confident about themselves because they are happy about their bodies. Confidence is a part of what makes someone attractive.

The six pack is physically attractive

A six pack goes hand in hand with a toned body, which is not only good to look at but gives the image of virility and sexuality. People with six packs are usually considered to be being healthy and fit.

Strong abdominal muscles support the back

Having fantastic abs is not just great looking, it is also important to your health. Surprising as it may sound, a lot of back pains are a result of weak abdominal muscles. Your stomach helps support your upper body.

How to get a great six pack

Getting a six pack doesn’t just happen for the average person, yes, a few are born with great genes, but the rest of us have to work at developing those washboard abs. Do not be disappointed if you never achieve abs like Usher, as genetics will determine to a great degree who will have the perfect six pack.

First off, you need to eat properly, chuck the fries and start increasing your intake of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. The abs are there, but sometimes they are covered by a layer of fat which will only go away through exercising and eating sensibly.

Next, set up a great exercise program and stick with it. Do not skip the cardiovascular activities, they too play an important part and help in burning calories. Some exercises which help to develop a six pack are crunches and leg raises. Swimming is also great for the stomach muscles.

To work your abs you will need to do other exercises as well to strengthen and tone your entire body. Do not overdo it, do an abs workout two to three times per week, and stop if there is any sign of pain. Remember, your six pack will remain hidden until you make an effort to lose weight.

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