What Are The Benefits of Being Fit and Strong?

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The stressful lifestyle that many people lead these days involves strenuous working hours, irregular meal timings and erratic sleep schedules all of which results in faster wear and tear of the body.

Muscle and fitness programs can help increase the natural resistance of the body, make the body muscles flexible and strong and thereby reduce the wear and tear of the human body.

Unhealthy eating habits and desk jobs are the primary cause of backaches, joint pains and obesity. Development of muscles through planned physical activity can act as a catalyst to overall fitness and helps reduce pressure on the joints.

It makes an individual capable of lifting heavier objects with ease and increases their stamina. This change comes about gradually and only when an exercise regime chosen after consultation with a professional fitness instructor is followed strictly.

How Muscle and Fitness Programs Are Helpful:

  1. They build up muscular strength and endurance.
  2. Provide a lean body mass.
  3. Excess calories are burnt and body metabolism increases when you start building muscles.
  4. The bone mineral density is increased, which makes the bones leaner and stronger.
  5. The body’s overall stability and balance is maintained.
  6. Blood sugar levels are controlled and risks of high or low blood pressure are reduced.
  7. Psychological stress is alleviated.
  8. The fatigue and aches in various parts of the body reduce since the muscles lend more durability and strength to sustain heavy physical work.
  9. Oxygen and blood flow is regulated and people who follow a muscle and fitness program generally do not suffer from short breaths.

The muscle and fitness regime

The muscle-building program usually requires you to dedicate specific hours for workouts and weight lifting. The duration of the regimen depends on factors such as which body muscle you need to enhance and to what extent. Before embarking on any kind of muscle and fitness program, professional advice is necessary.

The usual steps in a workout involve a warm-up, followed by a 45 minutes workout, which is either cardio or weights. Cardiovascular calisthenics are aimed at increasing the heart and metabolic rate of the body. Weights on the other hand, are recommended for those who prefer bodybuilding.

Beginners are cautioned against taking a light approach and slowly work their way to a more rigorous routine. It is advisable for them to increase the duration, intensity and frequency of the workout as their body gets used to the intense physical activity.

A healthy diet is usually prescribed as a supplement to take complete benefit of the exercise program. This not only tones up your body but also makes it internally strong and increases resistance towards numerous diseases.

You will find the difference within the first few days of your schedule, as increased capacity is developed to concentrate for longer durations without getting strained.

Contrary to the belief that as old age sets in, the loss of muscle is inevitable, certain exercise programs are designed to focus on strengthening of the heart, lungs and muscles.

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