The Benefits of Being Fit and Healthy

Strong healthy man and woman

Staying fit is essential to deal with the hectic pace of modern life. Fitness essentially refers to the capacity to take stress and adapt favorably to changing conditions without disturbing the body or mind. Thus, we can see that fitness is not just a measure of physical strength but also mental stability.

In the modern context, fitness in many ways is synonymous with health. Good health is the primary need of modern living and staying fit is the only way to achieve it. Fitness and good health are interrelated; if you are fit, you are healthy and when you are healthy, your fitness levels go up. However, when discussed in lieu of survival, fitness takes on a whole new meaning.

Survival of the fittest

As per the theory of evolution, only the ‘fit’ individuals of a species survive and pass on their genes. With this information, classifying fitness simply as health is inadequate. More than health, fitness points to the suitability of an individual in a given environment.

To illustrate this, a person adapted to living in the arctic will not be able to survive in an arid desert environment. Thus, in the true sense, fitness is more like a person’s capability to survive in a particular environment. This statement also implies that what may be regarded as fit in one environment, may not be fit to survive in a different environment.

This explains why some people fall sick whenever they visit new places. Another interpretation of the statement is that when the environment changes, individuals must change as well or perish and if they do perish, they were never fit to survive there.

The vast majority of the people might not agree with this theory because they do not realize the implications of being unfit. The tragic truth is that we hardly ever react to a situation unless it is already up on us. Unless people have a cardiac arrest or are diagnosed with cancer, they don’t seem to realize the importance of fitness.

The benefits of being fit and healthy

The benefits of being fit are plentiful. It would not be incorrect to say that each pleasure that life holds cannot be enjoyed completely if the person is not fit. When you are fit you are free to eat what you like, drink what you like, do what you like and live how you want to without having to wake up in the morning with regret.

You can actually safeguard yourself from ailments such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and even dreaded ones like cancer by making an effort to stay fit.

You can improve the quality of your life, be fresher when you get up in the morning, have no fear of infections every time it gets cold and have no qualms when your car breaks down and you have to walk eight blocks back home.

That is the gift of fitness, a sense of independence, a feeling that you can take whatever the world throws at you. The benefits of fitness go beyond all medical and biological boundaries; what fitness really gives individuals is peace of mind.

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