Simple Everyday Tips For Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels

Cereal and blueberries

Heart disease is becoming the largest killer of men and women in the world. More deaths are attributed to heart related conditions than ever before, but the truth is that many of these deaths could have been prevented.

With a proper diet that focuses on lowering cholesterol, many people wouldn’t have to experience heart related troubles. If you’re concerned about your heart, you might want to change the way you think.

Why lower your cholesterol?

First of all, you need to go to your regular doctor in order for them to test your current cholesterol level. There are three levels that they will be testing: cholesterol, HDL, and LDL.  You want your total cholesterol levels to be no more than 200 mg/dL, while you want to see higher levels of HDL than you do of LDL. HDL is healthy cholesterol while LDL contributes to heart disease. If you have higher levels, you will want to begin a program of lowering your cholesterol.

And the reason for this is because cholesterol is a sticky substance that coats the insides of your arteries and veins. When the cholesterol builds up too much, the blood can not get to the heart. If this happens, the heart muscle doesn’t get the oxygen it needs, and starts to die – in a heart attack. If you have too much cholesterol in your body, the heart can not recover and you can also die. True, there are procedures that can remove blockages and expand the arteries, but lowering cholesterol levels should be the first line of attack.

Methods for lowering cholesterol each day

One of the easiest ways to starting lowering cholesterol is to limit the amount of cholesterol you take in. Cholesterol is found in animal products like meats and dairy, so trying to reduce your overall consumption of these products is strongly advised.

You will also want to choose low fat versions of the meats that you do eat so that you limit the bad cholesterol that you are eating.

Lowering cholesterol can also be as simple as adding more fiber to your diet. Studies are showing that fiber can help to reduce the build up of cholesterol in the body.

You can start by eating a fiber filled cereal in the morning, then a salad with plenty of spinach for lunch and then follow this with more vegetables at dinner time. There are also some fiber supplements that can help with lowering cholesterol.

There is also some proof that exercise can be helpful in lowering cholesterol. Some studies suggest that the movement can help the body to process cholesterol more easily, leading to a lessened impact on the overall body.

In the worst case scenarios, your doctor may prescribe medications that will help in lowering cholesterol, but these are only indicated for people who have tried other tactics first and their cholesterol levels have not diminished. If you have a history of high cholesterol in your family, it’s best to start with your diet and lifestyle changes first.

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