RMR – What Does Resting Metabolic Rate Mean?

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When you’re trying to lose weight understanding your RMR, resting metabolic rate, is important.

Knowing your RMR can help you calculate the right amount of calories for losing weight or maintaining your current weight.

What is the Resting Metabolic Rate?

Your RMR is essentially the number of calories you would burn in a 24 hour period if you were to do nothing during that period except rest.

This measures the minimum number of calories you need for your body to perform its functions.

What is the Basal Metabolic Rate?

Your resting metabolic rate and basal metabolic rate are very similar. Your basal metabolic rate is calculated only after you’ve awakened from eight hours of sleep and fasted for 12 hours. It’s a very scientific measurement.

Your RMR is calculated under less stringent conditions, but is also essentially the same measurement. For all but the most important medical reasons, a general idea of your own RMR is all you need to help you lose weight or maintain your current weight.

Conditions That Affect Your RMR:

  • Weight
  • Your age
  • Genetics
  • The amount of muscle mass you have

As we age, our RMR and BMR decrease. It can also be affected by medicines you might be taking.

Knowing your RMR is important because it can help you determine your calorie and exercise goals to help you lose weight or keep weight off.

For example, if your RMR is 1700 calories per day, you know that you must consume at least this many calories, just to get by. You can add more calories for other activities, and even more for exercise you perform in a day.

It’s wise not to fall below your RMR in your daily calorie intake. Otherwise, your body may go into starvation mode and cut your metabolic rate significantly.

You’ll likely find that you lose weight most efficiently when you consume at least the number of calories for your RMR. You’ll also find that you’ll lose weight more effectively when you eat your calories in several small meals throughout the day, rather than fewer but larger meals.

Your RMR can be calculated scientifically to an exact measurement. However, most people trying to lose weight can get a close enough measurement of their RMR through an online calculator.

You can visit RMR Calculator to calculate your own RMR and BMR. In most cases, the RMR is the better calculation for determining how many calories you should consume on a weight loss plan.

Weight loss is part science and part common sense. Using your RMR as a guide for how many calories you can consume is a great way to put the science to work for you.

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