How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Going on a diet is not the best way for you to stay healthy and maintain weight. The reason for this is that diets do nothing more than create eating patterns that are impermanent.

The results that you get with a diet are temporary, making it hard to maintain weight. Most of the time a dieter gains back all the weight that they lost once their old eating habits return.

So, many people are left wanting to know the best way to lose and maintain weight. The answer is to change your way of life, choosing to live healthy and eat right.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

The best way to maintain weight is to change your habits. Replace all of your old, unhealthy habits with new, healthy ones.

Here are five tips to get you heading in the right direction:

1. Get moving

Regular exercise is the fastest and most effective way to build muscle and burn calories. Consistent physical activity is the best way to look good, feel great and maintain weight.

You can fit additional activity into your everyday routines by walking your dog at the park, riding your bike to work or school and a number of other deeds.

A slight increase in your daily activity may make all the difference. In order to maintain weight, you must find a balance between calorie intake and calories burned. When you need to lose a couple pounds, just crank up the intensity of your workout.

Add a few strength exercises to your regular exercise routine to build muscle, which will help burn more calories even when you are not exercising.

2. Step away from the screen

One of the biggest reasons that people today are not getting enough exercise is because so much time these days is spent in front of some type of screen. The amount of time spent sitting at the computer, watching television and playing videos games, is time that could be used doing something a little more active.

The number of hours that you spend recreationally in front of the screen should be limited to a maximum of two per day. Walk to your friend’s house for a visit as opposed to emailing or sending a text message.

3. Mind your portion sizes

Over the past decade or so, portion size seems to have increased exponentially. The additional calories that are consumed when people eat these larger servings are one of the main contributors to obesity.

More people these days are drinking sugary soft drinks, sports drinks and juices, which only adds to the dilemma. The next time you fix yourself a plate of foods, try to keep the portions moderate and wash it down with skim milk or water to maintain weight effectively.

4. Remember your fruits and veggies

There is more to fruits and vegetables than just a bunch of healthy minerals and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits are packed full of nutrition.

One of the greatest benefits to adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is the fiber that they contain, which keeps you fuller longer. An apple or banana is not only better for you than chips and cookies, but you will find the urge to snack growing weaker and weaker as you increase fruit and vegetable consumption.

5. Eat a balanced breakfast

You have heard it time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason you hear this so often is that it is true.

Breakfast gets your metabolism going, so you start burning calories first thing in the morning, which will give you more energy all throughout your day.

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