How To Keep Motivated To Reach Your Goals

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One of the main reasons why persons who start exercise programs fail to stay on course is there is no motivation to keep going, especially if they do not see any real results.

However, if you want to remain healthy and keep off the weight you may have lost; being consistent with your exercise is the key.

How to motivate yourself

The first mistake many persons make when they decide to start a training or exercise routine is to set unrealistic goals or not setting any goals at all. This is the main reason for failure, because you may never reach your goal and may start to feel like you are training in vain.

Make a plan about what it is you want to achieve such as lose ten pounds or add five pounds. Your goals have to be measurable to really have any impact.

Once you have attained the goals set for a particular period, set some more, this time you can be a little more ambitious. By doing this you will not only increase your training regimen, you would also give yourself higher expectations.

Writing down your goals also works well. Seeing what you plan to do written-out serves as a means to keeping motivated.

Being adventurous helps with motivation

Next, you need to experiment with various exercises until you find the ones you like and are comfortable doing. If you perform training exercises you hate doing, you will be setting yourself up for certain failure. Change is good; so do not stick to just one exercise, be adventurous; add weight lifting to your aerobics routine.

If over time you become bored with your routine try something new. In addition you can listen to music and even read while using some exercise equipment. Boredom must be conquered before you can keep yourself motivated.

Fitness clubs and personal trainers can help keep you motivated

Using a personal fitness trainer or joining a class with an energetic instructor that you like will also serve to keep you going. Goal buddies also work well as they can help to keep you motivated and vice versa. Everyone needs someone to encourage them to keep going at certain points in their lives.

Give yourself a reward if you meet your set goal for a set period of time. This can be a new outfit, a manicure or eating a tasty treat. Rewarding yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. Remind yourself of the health benefits associated with exercise and keeping fit. This will help to keep you going when you feel like quitting and is a key part of keeping motivated.

Stick to your exercise schedule to the point where it becomes routine. When your training becomes second nature, keeping motivated will be much easier. However, there should be some degree of flexibility in your schedule so that you can take a few days off without feeling like a failure.

Commitment is 100% necessary for motivation

Like everything else when it comes to keeping fit, dedication and hard work play a major part. Without the commitment necessary for keeping motivated, the battle will be lost before it has even started.

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