Does Being Fit Make You More Beautiful?

Young lady performing a push-up

Beauty, as they say is in the eye of the beholder, but one thing that everyone can agree on is the fact that your physical fitness contributes to your overall beauty. We may not all look like models or movie stars, but when we are fit and healthy we look better – beauty and fitness do go together.

Keep it fluid

Drinking water also helps to improve our beauty and fitness level. Water is essential to the health of our skin and body. It detoxifies the body, helping to remove free radicals that age us, it nourishes cells and keeps our life force, blood, flowing.

Drinking water also helps the skin maintain moisture which helps it retain its elasticity longer and hence minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. To determine how much water you need to drink daily, multiply your current weight by .04 and then double the result. This is how many eight ounce glasses of water you need to consume each day.

Get moving

Regular exercise helps with how your skin, body, hair and nails look; these are all part of what makes up the physical you. Cardiovascular exercise, that is, any exercise that gets the heart racing, improves blood circulation which in turn improves the overall look of the skin. Our bodies are protected by skin, so if our skin looks healthy and beautiful, and our complexion is good, we also look and feel better.

To keep our hair healthy, regardless of age, exercise is needed to improve blood flow to the scalp to help nourish the hair follicles. The health of our hair can enhance how we look; if our hair is drab and limp it will detract from our beauty and fitness now matter how beautiful a face you may have.

Keeping fit also improves the overall look of our bodies. With exercise the muscles are developed and we become sleeker and more toned. We will also lose unwanted fat with regular exercise or increase bulk if you are too thin. This is another important area where beauty and fitness come together to improve the total you.

Fitness can Improve how you feel

Beauty and fitness go hand in hand in more ways than one. Physically, even if you are overweight, being fit, that is exercising regularly and eating properly will improve your physical stamina as well as your emotional health. Since beauty is more than skin deep. Your moods and outlook on life also contribute to your beauty.

Have you noticed how some persons have a twinkle in their eyes, or no matter what is going on some people handle stress better than others? People who exercise regularly tend to be better able to handle stress.

A confident person is also a beautiful person in another way as well; they carry themselves better, and project a good image. In today’s body image conscious society, being fit helps boost one’s confidence about how they look.

It is also a proven scientific fact that being fit can also help prevent against some diseases and speeds recovery time. Fit people will recover a lot faster from surgeries as their bodies are better at healing themselves. Beauty and fitness are essential for the overall wellness of ‘body and soul’, that is for the full you. Physical fitness not only improves our beauty, it also helps us live longer, healthier lives.

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