Are Energy Drinks Worth Using?

Bottle of energy drink

For people who exercise regularly, intake of fluids is essential to sustain proper hydration in the body. Consumption of fluid fuel for training is essential for athletes, body-builders and for anybody who does workouts.

If not replaced, water loss due to exercise can result in fainting, fatigue, decreased coordination and muscle cramps. A reduction of even 2% of total body water due to sweating causes blood volume to drop, resulting in increased heart rate to augment the flow of blood through the body.

To maintain appropriate muscle function, body temperature and cardiovascular fitness, both prehydration and rehydration is a necessary part of all exercise.

Why drink sports Drinks?

A nutritionally enhanced sports drink provides the required boost in-between and also after the exercise regime is over. It contains important nutrients such as carbohydrates, sodium and electrolytes, which are lost during the course of exercise.

Without this boost, any weight lost from training can be simple water loss which will quickly be regained the next time a healthy water mass ratio is reached.

To gauge the right amount of fluid fuels for training, it is advisable to weigh in both before and after each workout. Any weight difference in this timeframe will simply be water loss that will and must be regained for proper health.

Another important aspect to check before starting a day’s workout is to monitor the heart rate. Within a week the specific pattern of water loss can be determined, which will make it easier to know whether the fluids taken are sufficient or not.

It is suggested that all the days when an elevated heart rate is noticed, are marked, because that indicates a lack of recovery, probably due to dehydration or a failure to follow a proper cool down routine.

Energy drinks can be helpful for long workouts

If the exercise schedule lasts up to 90 minutes or more, then fluid fuel will be needed for the training period and should include 60 to 100 calories per 8 ounces. This is an essential proportion to maintain top performance levels.

Hard core workout buffs whose training may last five to six hours at a stretch may need to consume complex sport fluid fuels for training, which are rich in electrolytes. Otherwise serious over-dehydration may be risked.

Dehydration during workouts has a negative effect on the body and counteracts the very purpose of a workout. Hence, it is important for every individual embarking on a fitness regime to know the intervals at which refueling of fluids is required. Given below are some recommended specifications that can be adhered to:

2 hours prior to exercise, drink 17 oz (2+ Cups) of fluid fuels.

During exercise, keep drinking fluids every 15 minutes.

The fluid fuel for training should be cooler than air temperature & placed close at hand.  When an exercise regime lasts for more than 60 minutes, these beverages should contain a concentration of not more than 8% carbohydrates.

During the pre-hydration process, consume 12-16 ounces of water 1-2 hour’s prior to exercise. While some people crave caffeine, they ought to keep in mind that it acts as a diuretic causing the body to release out fluid instead of sustaining it. Apart from sports fluids, juices and plain water are also recommended.

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