3 Different Body Types – Endomorphs | Mesomorph | Ectomorph

The various different body types

While your body shape may indicate certain things about your type, there is a difference, and it is worth knowing about.

What Is Meant By Body Type?

You have most likely noticed that your body is not the same as your friends’ or co-workers’. Some people tend to be curvy and lean, while others are top-heavy and soft. The reason for such difference is that everyone is born with a different body type.

The type of your body relies completely on genetics. You will notice that your body type is similar to your siblings or parents. Because your type is a genetic trait, it can be impossible, or at least quite difficult, to change.

Fitness experts have known for quite some time now that different body types require different nutrition and fitness training. Therefore, it is critical that you know which type you have in order to practice a diet and exercise routine that will work for you specifically.

The 3 Different Body Types

Body types are divided into three different categories:

  1. Endomorphs
  2. Mesomorphs
  3. Ectomorphs.


The Endomorph Body Type


Stocky with Higher Levels of Body Fat

People with an endomorph body type typically have large bones, round faces as well as larger hips and thighs. The arms and legs of a person with an endomorph body type are usually short and tapered, which gives the body a more stocky appearance.

Typically, most people with an endomorph type have a high waist as well as smaller feet and hands.

In addition, endomorph body types generally have a higher level of body fat; however, they are able to build muscle and lean body mass more easily than the other body types.

Unfortunately, weight loss tends to be most difficult for individuals who have an endomorph body type.


The Mesomorph Body Type


The Athletic Build with a Fast Metabolism

The mesomorph body type is often described as an athletic build. An individual with such a body type usually has a ruler or hourglass body shape and finds it easy to gain muscle mass.

Most people with a mesomorph type have a low, narrow waist and broad shoulders. The muscles and bones of the head are usually prominent with clearly defined facial features.

A person with a mesomorph body type typically has a heavy, square jaw and outstanding cheekbones. These people tend to have a fast metabolism , making it easier for them to lose weight. People with a mesomorph body type tend to have well-developed legs and arms, and many even have defined muscles on their fingers and toes.


The Ectomorph body type


Thin Appearance and Low Levels of Fat

Individuals with an ectomorph body type typically have a linear, thin appearance. The majority of people with the ectomorph type look similar to rulers with narrow shoulders, waist and hips.

The limbs, neck, fingers and toes of someone with an ectomorph type are usually longer in proportion. Many individuals with this body type tend to have droopy shoulders.

The face tends to be triangular in shape and facial features are sharp. It is easy for someone with this body type to lose weight and they tend to have lower levels of body fat. It is more difficult for individuals with an ectomorph type to gain lean muscle mass than it is for other types.

Most People Are a Combination of The These 3 Different Body Types

It is more common to be a combination of the different body types, such as endo-mesomorph or ecto-mesomorph.

People with such types are mesomorph for the most part, but have characteristics of the endomorph or ectomorph as well. Very few individuals actually fall completely into a single body type category.

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