What is The P90X – Power Extreme Home Exercise Program?

Man performing the abdominal crunch exercise

P90x is currently one of the most popular workout systems around. It has been used by many people to lose weight and completely reshape their bodies, right in their own homes.

What is The P90x Workout System?

P90x was developed by Tony Horton as an at home exercise system that can reshape the body and dramatically improve fitness in 90 days. When you purchase the system, you get a set of DVDs and plenty of instruction to help ensure you perform the exercises correctly and complete the DVD workouts in the correct order.

P90x is intense. It is a hard workout, and most beginners can’t complete it at first. But, if you keep working at it consistently, your fitness and abilities will improve drastically, and you will see results quickly.

P90x Uses Muscle Confusion

One of the basic premises behind p90x is muscle confusion. This term basically means the same as cross training. One of the reasons that P90x works so well and so quickly is that, if you follow the program correctly, your muscles never become accustomed to the workout, so they are continually challenged to improve and grow.

Even when you’re working the same muscle group with p90x, you work this muscle group in different ways during different workouts. This makes the workout far more effective. It also means that it is important to follow the instructions and follow the workout sequences as prescribed by the program.

Exercise Techniques Used in the P90x System

P90x uses some pretty old-fashioned exercises. This makes it easy to perform the workout at home. It also makes it easy to get into, because you likely know how to perform every exercise. But, you’ve likely never performed them quite the way you will with P90x.

When you’re performing a P90x routine, there’s little break. You move quickly from one exercise to another, and you will switch weight sizes frequently, too. This method of working hard and fast intensifies the workout so that you’re torching fat and building muscle at the same time.

The P90x program is designed to last for 13 weeks. You are expected to workout 6 days a week for these 13 weeks. You will also be given a meal plan to follow.

The Three Exercise Rotations

There are three exercise rotations, called “fitness“, “lean” and “doubles“. Each of the workouts lasts a bit less than an hour, though three times a week, you will perform the ab workout, which will add another 15 minutes to your workout time.

One of the reasons that P90x is so successful is because it effectively uses many types of exercise moves. During P90x, you’ll do some aerobic routines, weight lifting, yoga, plyometrics and stretching.

The P90x DVD’s are easy to follow, and you’ll be able to see variations to accommodate your fitness level.

Many people have reported impressive results with P90x. It requires commitment, and it is a very strenuous workout, especially for the beginner. However, if you commit the time, and do the workout consistently, it’s likely that you’ll see dramatic results in that short 90 day period of time.

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