What Are The Most Common Aerobic Exercises?

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Whether you feel like you need to lose weight or you simply want to get into better shape, aerobic exercise is the way to go.

By providing your heart and your lungs with a workout, you can begin to reshape the future of your health as well as your waistline. Some of the most common aerobic exercises include walking, running, aerobics classes, biking, and swimming.

Each of these exercises will provide you with a chance to change your life, but you will want to weight the pros and the cons of each before you start lacing up your shoes or heading to the pool.


1) Walking

Walking is the most common aerobic exercise

Walking is the most common aerobic exercise

Walking is one of the most common aerobics exercises performed today. Anyone can walk at least a short distance and since many people walk on a daily basis, it’s not an exercise that requires a special skill.

All you need for workout gear is a good pair of walking or cross training shoes and some comfortable clothing. Some people like to wear headphones when they walk in order to pass the time, while others like to enjoy the sounds of the world around them as they walk a few miles.

The main cons with this exercise routine is that in order to burn a lot of calories, you will need to either walk many miles or you will need to walk at a very fast pace. So, if time is an issue for you, you might want to try another aerobic activity.

2) Running

Running gives you an excellent aerobic workout

Running gives you an excellent aerobic workout

If you feel your fitness level is a little higher, you might want to try running, the next most popular of common aerobic exercises. By turning that walk into a slow jog, you can burn more calories in less time, while also improving your heart and lung strength more quickly.

Some people also find that running tends to help them release mental tension more easily as the harder the workout, the harder it is to focus on the stress in your life. Running is something that can be harmful to those who have weaker knees or back problems, so working with a coach on your form is the best way to begin if you’ve never run before.

Also, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not running too quickly at first, especially if it’s been a long time since your last workout. Some people will start off by combining running and walking into one workout, slowly building up their running times and subtracting their walking times.

3) Aerobics Classes

Aerobics classes have many physical and mental benefits

Aerobics classes have many physical and mental benefits

If you like variety in your workout routine, aerobics classes are a good choice for you. With everything from dancing to boot camp workouts, you can find something that suits your tastes as well as your current skill and fitness level.

Some people really enjoy kickboxing workouts as well as though that teach exotic skills like belly dancing. You might also want to go to a standard class in which you build on small steps in dance movements until you have a long routine of dancing at the end.

The main concern with aerobics classes is that if you don’t have a qualified instructor, you might be at risk of performing a movement wrong and becoming injured. Also, make sure to look for classes that offer adaptations for participants of all fitness levels.

4) Biking or Cycling

Cycling can be a fast or slow-paced aerobic exercise

Cycling can be a fast or slow-paced aerobic exercise

Whether you like to ride a stationary bike or you like to hit the road, biking is a low impact and fun way to burn calories and get into shape. Of course, you will need to spend some money to have access to a bike, so this will need to be a part of your initial investment in this aerobic exercise.

But once you do, you can bike nearly anywhere – parks, roads, etc. The ever-changing scenery will help you stay interested in your workout routine, while also helping to pass the miles. Safety is a big concern when you are biking, so be sure to use a helmet whenever you are on the road.

5) Swimming

Swimming is the perfect minimal resistance aerobic exercise

Swimming is the perfect minimal resistance aerobic exercise

Finally, swimming is the last of this list of common aerobic exercises, but certainly not the least. By providing minimal resistance and impact, anyone can swim in order to get into shape. You might want to look into water aerobic classes in your area to make sure you are boosting your heart rate as much as you can safely, plus it’s always nice to have fellow classmates with whom you can enjoy the pool.

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