What Are The Health Benefits of Yoga?

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Though once just a ‘fad’ for New Agers, Yoga has become synonymous with good health and an even better body. By using Yoga in your life, you can not only begin to change the way you look as well as the way you feel, but you will also begin to change the future of your health. What we do now with our bodies does matter.

So, any changes you can make to your current health habits will allow you to begin to invest in a future that’s healthy and incident free.

Here are some of the many health benefits of Yoga:

1) Stress Control

One of the most commonly cited health benefits of Yoga is stress control. The movements in Yoga aren’t necessarily designed to release mental tension, but they way they are performed can.

When you move into a Yoga pose, you have to focus on your breathing in order to deepen each stretch and to deepen each movement. This practice takes focus and the ability to shut out the rest of your day’s cares and worries. In doing do, you also perform a sort of moving meditation that allows you to begin to release stress from your body and from your mind.

The actual stretching of your muscles during Yoga will also help you to release tension and stress. When you’re not all tied up in knots, you can begin to feel better and to face your day’s stresses with a more positive attitude.

But stress control has other advantages. As you release stress in your life or simply learn how to approach it, you will begin to reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other deadly conditions.

By not stressing your body and pushing it so hard, your body can work the way it was supposed to, instead of at the rushed and frenetic pace that your job and your life demands.

2) Flexibility Enhancement

Flexibility is another of the many health benefits of Yoga. As you begin to learn how to move your body in the poses and you begin to understand how to deepen each stretch, you will become more flexible. This will allow you to continue to deepen your stretches while also helping your muscles stay in that relaxed and loose position.

Having a more flexible body will allow you to move more easily during your day, even if you have to reach and bend as a part of your job’s requirements. You will also find that you are able to get out of bed without the stiffness or the soreness you’ve become accustomed to feeling.

If you’re involved in sports or in other styles of physical training, Yoga will allow you to stay loosened up for the movements you need to make, which will maximize your performance and your range of motion during the activity.

3) Balance Improvement

Many people don’t think of balance improvement as one of the health benefits of Yoga, but it is. And while you may take your balance for granted, research has shown that your balance diminishes as your body begins to age.

This means each year you age, you will be a little less steady on your feet. This unsteadiness is one of the leading causes of accidents like slips and falls that can cause bones to break. When you are able to balance your body during the day, you have fewer troubles moving from one position to the other without becoming unsteady.

For example, if you want to lift up to put an idea on a top shelf, you need to have a sense of balance in order to not fall over. As you grow older, this becomes all the more important as you might eventually need to provide care for someone else – and you can’t have an accident when you need to be there for someone else.

Additional Health Benefits Gained From Yoga

But there are many more health benefits of Yoga that you can enjoy. For women who are afraid of bone loss, Yoga provides a weight bearing exercise plan that can help to stop this natural event. Men can enjoy the benefit of more energy and a lower blood pressure in their daily activities as a result of Yoga.

The benefits of Yoga are endless, so go find a Yoga class today!

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