The Health Benefits of Cross Country Running

Running Athlete in Motion

Cross country running is running over a field that is wrought with pitfalls, that is, a natural landscape. Cross country running is also referred to as trail running. The course can be woodland, grass, water, mud or a combination any such natural occurrences. Cross country running is normally done by teams comprised of between five and twelve members.

Persons of all age groups participate in cross country running, some for the rewards, others just for the fun of running. Some long distance runners use cross country running as a means of exercise to build their stamina and strengthen their legs.

What are the health benefits of cross country running?

Like all exercise, cross country running has its benefits, both physical and mental. Anyone can benefit from cross country running regardless of age or gender. Cross country runners are normally quite strong, with a firm muscular body. Persons who are into cross country running tend to have strong legs and hips as well.

  • Females especially will like the fact that running has been proven to help fight the signs of aging, as well as osteoporosis.
  • Running also helps in fighting certain types of diseases such as breast cancer, heart disease and can prevent or limit the recurrence of strokes.
  • Persons who want to lose weight will find cross country running particularly useful. It not only provides cardiovascular exercise but also helps to burn calories.
  • Some fitness experts believe that running, including cross country running burns more calories than any other exercise.
  • Because the area in which you are running tends to be uneven and not one straight track you will get a better workout as you end up using more muscles than in any other type of running.
  • Cross country running, if done properly and on the right track, is less stressful on the knees as the impact from the earth tends to be much less than on other surfaces.
  • Also like other forms of running, it provides relief from stress and other such mental problems. Running out in the open allows one time to think without the hustle and bustle of modern life.
  • Another of the benefits is that it stops your training routine from becoming boring.
  • The variety of motions required to run on uneven surfaces and the changing scenery work together to stop cross country running from becoming mundane.

To get the best out of cross country running, participants need to pay attention to the techniques of the sport. The first need that must be met is getting the best running shoe for this type of activity.

Ideally, persons involved in cross country running should get the lightest weight running shoes possible. Shoes also provide protection since cross country runners traverse various types of terrain.

The draw backs of cross country running

Cross country running tends to be more rigorous than other running styles because of the unevenness of the terrain. This is seen by some as a drawback. To find suitable trails for cross country running contact local universities many of which have students who compete in events. Local athletic associations can also help you find courses. Go out and enjoy the benefits and fun of cross country running, you just may like it.

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