The Benefits of Regular Exercise For Women

It is a medically proven fact that a regular exercise routine is vital to maintain good health, in both men and women. Some women harbor inhibitions about exercising, for various reasons.

Simple yet effective ways of overcoming this is by performing day-to day tasks differently and enjoy them as fun-filled fitness activities. For instance, vacuuming with more vigor, walking briskly during breaks or doing arm curls with a can of soup, will help in increasing the blood flow and also strengthen muscles.

The main health benefits for women

The benefits of women’s fitness programs include an increase in the human growth hormone (HGH), enhancement of the immune system and prevention of chronic ailments such as breast cancer.

Fitness programs for women can help reduce cholesterol levels, accelerate injury rehabilitation and increase body strength and flexibility. Some other benefits that have been proven include improved posture, synchronization and balance, increased lung capacity and circulation and, improved joints and bone density. Fitness programs are of particular importance to postmenopausal women to avoid weight gain.

Some of the commonly recommended exercises for women’s fitness include sprinting, pilates, stretching, head rolls, bottom racing endurance training, flexibility training, and agility training.

Fitness may help reduce the risk of cancer

Research has shown that sprinting activities can increase HGH levels to as much as 530 percent. Sprinting activities include swimming, cross-country skiing, brisk walking, running, cycling and exercising using machines such as the treadmill, elliptical, stepper or cycle.

Researchers at Meharry Medical College and the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center found that women who perform a lower level of physical activity than what is required based on their body weight, are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer.

The primary reason for this is that exercise influences age at menarche; women who exercise regularly have a later menarche age than those who do not exercise. Exercise also alters the menstrual cycle by decreasing the estrogen levels thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Muscular imbalance can cause weak joints and back aches. Flexibility of ligaments and muscles is very important as it could help in the prevention of chronic diseases. A type of fitness training known as flexibility training helps in balancing muscles that have been overloaded due to physical activities or bad posture.

Pilates is another popular exercise that is useful for women suffering from back, joint and muscle pains. Stretching exercises can also enhance overall fitness.

Staying fit for women over 60

For women over the age of 60, the kind of exercises that must be performed in order to stay fit are, stretching exercises that increase flexibility, strength training that helps in muscle building and endurance exercises that improves the heart functions and overall fitness. Head rolls, bottom racing, kicking your boots off, standing spiral twists and stepping up and down are other popular exercises for women above 60 years.

Exercise can help women suffering from menopause to control their emotions, by converting the male hormone androstenedione into estrogen. Regular work out sessions that include activities like swimming, walking and jogging reduces hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

Agility training is required for sports personnel to increase their speed and body control. Strength training helps in increasing muscles and helps in burning fat.

Other merits of women’s fitness include improving the strength of bones that can help prevent osteoporosis, alleviation of depression and prevention of cancer.

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