How To Do Perfect Dips

What are dips?

Dips tend to work a number of muscle groups at the same time, namely, shoulders, chest and arms (triceps). Dips are a resistance form of bodybuilding exercise that use a pushing motion to achieve the desired results. Dips are performed on various types of exercise machines and equipment, namely, parallel bars; power rings (used by gymnasts) chin dip and chest dip machines.

Techniques for performing dips

The techniques for performing dips are dependent on the types of dips being done. There are different types depending on the primary area being worked, chest dips, triceps dips for the arms, bench dips, the parallel bar dip and best of all, the free standing dip.

The parallel bar dips

This is a little performed exercise in many fitness centers, as many persons do not realize how much they can gain from doing dips. To properly perform these, follow the guidelines below:

  • Position yourself on the parallel bars and support yourself at arms length (arms should be straight)
  • Keep your feet suspended in the air with knees bent, keep your back and torso straight (your feet should be behind)
  • Lower your body until you feel a feel the stretch (lowering and raising your body should be done with the elbows bent); your shoulders should be 90-degrees angle apart and supporting your entire body weight
  • Slowly push yourself back up to the starting point

Bench dips

You will need to have a weightlifting bench for this exercise. This is ideal for persons without the body strength to do regular parallel dips. You will receive the same benefits as using the parallel bar but will have support for your legs and feet.

Doing two to three sets of eight repetitions is a good rate for the average person doing dips.

How to have the perfect form for dips

To perform perfect dips you need to exercise control over your movements, make them slow and fluid. To get the best out of performing dips you will need to put your back into it. Additionally, to maintain correct form while doing dips here are some useful guidelines:

  • Parallel bars should ideally be at least twenty-two inches apart
  • Breathe properly, when you push up exhale and inhale on the way down
  • Do not overstretch your arms; stop once you feel a nice stretch. Over stretching can injure shoulder joints
  • Keep knees bent
  • Lean your body forward if you want to do a chest dip instead
  • Your elbows should be in line with your wrists
  • Never slump your shoulders while performing the dip
  • To perform triceps dips keep your body straight and stiff

Always maintain good form whilst performing dips

Maintaining good form while performing dips is the only sure way to achieve the desired results and prevent injury to muscles and joints. The level of difficulty in performing dips can be increased by using weights, called dipping belts, tied around the waist to add to body weight which is the main form of resistance used.

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