Exercises To Tone The Thighs

Young adults using running machine at the fitness club

One of the first complaints of many women (and some men) is that their lower body just isn’t as thin as they’d like it to be. Perhaps it’s because they’ve taken on a desk job that doesn’t require them to move around as much or that they’ve fallen away from their fitness program.

In any case, thigh workouts are not only good for toning up sagging areas, but also for strengthening the body for everyday movement. Here are some tips for helping your lower body get back into its ideal shape.

Jogging helps burn fat and tone the thighs

Some of the best thigh workouts are those that get you off and running.  Because the movement of jogging and running incorporates the entire lower body, it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting trimmer in the process.

Your quadriceps and hamstrings are both engaged in the movements, causing them to build up muscular strength as well as mass. But women don’t have to be afraid that they will become thicker from these thigh workouts. For them, the building of muscle allows them to have faster metabolisms that allow excess fat to be burned away for sleeker legs.

Light weights are great for toning the legs

Light weights add extra resistance

Light weights add extra resistance

If you’re not interested in jogging as one of your thigh workouts, you can also use light weights to help get in shape. Simply doing squats or leg raises with the help of a light set of weights can help to shape and tone the muscles throughout your legs.

Any exercise that you can do for your legs can benefit from the addition of weights. Simple hold the weight on the side of your thighs and perform the movement slowly.

Or you can utilize rubber bands as a way to increase the resistance of the movement. Whenever you use weights, be sure to control the movement from start to finish in order to get the most of each repetition. Slowly move from the beginning to the end to work the muscles consistently.

The stair stepper helps the front and back of the thighs

The stepper is also great for tightening the legs muscles

The stepper is also great for tightening the legs muscles

The stair stepper machine at your local gym is a great source of thigh workouts. The simple movements that your legs take in this motion helps to workout out both the front and the back of the thigh without complicated steps to remember. Simply keep your body upright as you step on this machine to get the most benefit.

Some machines will also guide you through an interval training program that can blast away fat ever more easily. Or you can increase the speed of the movement every now and then to make it more challenging and thus, more effective.

Thigh training done properly can increase your metabolism

Thigh workouts are the best way to start to increase the muscle mass in your legs in order to increase your metabolism. However, you cannot stop there.  When you combine thigh workouts with ample aerobic fitness routines, you will burn away fat all the more quickly – allowing you to show off the newly developed muscles in your lower body.

Try to get in at least three aerobic workouts a week in order to see results as well as a few weight routines to focus on the problem areas.

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