10 Health Benefits Gained From Walking

Man walking his dog in the park

Walking is an easy and fun exercise that can be done by people of all ages and of all levels of fitness.

Walking is incredibly affordable. No special equipment is needed, all you need is a good pair of shoes to get you going. Walking is also easy to do. Most people know how to walk so all they need to do is get out and do it.

Walking can also be very pleasant and is a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the world. Walking can be done anywhere in the world the risks are low and there is no prescription needed to participate.

People do not need to join a gym to go for a walk, all they need to do is go out their front door and start walking. All of these benefits make walking an easy, affordable and convenient form of exercise.

10 Health Benefits Gained From Regular Walking

Walking is a wonderful exercise that has proven health benefits. The Surgeon General recommends that everyone gets at least one half hour of exercise each day. Walking is a great way to get exercise. It has been proven that regular participation in exercise, such as walking, helps to control a wide variety of ailments and health conditions.

  1. When combined with a healthy and balanced diet walking can help a person to shed unwanted pounds and lose inches.
  2. Walking also helps to control blood pressure by strengthening the heart so that it can pump blood more effortlessly. This puts less pressure on the arteries and helps to keep the blood pressure down.
  3. Walking can help to reduce the risk of a heart attack by making the heart stronger. Recent studies by the Nurses Health on women found that getting just one half hour of brisk walking can decrease the risk of heart disease by 30%-40%.
  4. Walking also helps to control the bodies cholesterol levels by reducing the bad cholesterol and boosting the good cholesterol.
  5. Walking can lower the risk of having a stroke.
  6. Walking can also reduce the risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.
  7. Walking has been found to lower the risk of needing gallstone surgery by 20% to 31%
  8. Walking also helps to strengthen the bones which reduces the risk of fractures.
  9. Walking has been said to prevent depression, colon cancer, constipation, osteoporosis and impotence.
  10. Walking can also lengthen a persons lifespan, lower stress levels, relieve arthritis and back pain, strengthen muscles, bones and joints, improve sleep and make a person happier with a better sense of wellness.

Walking Is The Perfect Exercise

Walking is the perfect form of exercise. It is easy to do, convenient and inexpensive.

When combined with a healthy and balanced diet walking can help people lose weight and feel better than ever. When a person loses weight from walking their health benefits will increase as well.

Doctors recommend that people walk for at least thirty minutes every day. It is best to start off at a comfortable pace and gradually increase speed as endurance and muscle is built.

When out for a walk a person should be able to carry on a conversation with ease. If the breathing is too light the pace should be increased. If breathing is too fast the pace should be slowed down.

How Often Should I Go Walking?

Try to get in a fifteen to thirty minute walk during your lunch break or after the evening meal. Many people find that having a walking partner helps them to keep up with the routine and not get bored. It can also be a great way to catch up with a friend.

If you find that you are unable to get in the recommended thirty minutes of walking in a day don’t be alarmed. Any amount of walking that can be done will be beneficial to your overall health. Do what you can to start off with and slowly build up to walking more at a brisker pace. The key is to get out there and get walking.

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