What Are The Best Exercises To Do With An Exercise Ball?

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As you go about your mission to get flat abs, learning what the best ab exercises to perform will be a wise move. This way, you can make sure that those specific exercises are added into each workout that you perform, moving you one step closer to your end goal.

That said, one tool that you’ll definitely want to make good use of as you go about your ab exercises is the exercise ball. By performing movements on this, you’ll reduce the stability you have as you go about your workout program and this will be key to making sure that you maintain maximum muscle contractions.

Let’s walk you through the top five ab exercises that you must be doing to see good results. If you aren’t currently adding these into your program plan, now’s definitely the time to start.

5 Effective Abdominal Exercises Using An Exercise Ball

1: Prone Ball Roll Ins With An Exercise Ball

Topping the list of ab exercises is the prone ball roll-in. This movement is excellent for working the core and will especially target the lower abs.

When performing this one be sure to pause when you roll the ball into the body for added effect.

2: Ab Crunches On An Exercise Ball

Next up on the list of great ab exercises is the basic crunch on an exercise ball. This one will be ideal for beginners because it’s relatively simple and straightforward to perform and will help to work all the main muscle fibers that run along the core.

When performing the ab crunches on an exercise ball, be sure that you’re moving back the full way through the movement so as to not short yourself on results.

3: Lying Leg Raises With An Exercise Ball

Next you have lying leg raises. For this one of the movements, simply place the ball between the legs and then rise up until you’re at ninety degrees. Pause for a brief second and then lower back down again until you’ve completed the rep.

Make sure that you never let the legs rest on the floor when doing this movement however as that will take all of the tension off the abs.

4: Plank With Hands On The Exercise Ball

The plank with the hands on the exercise ball is another exercise that you’ll want to keep in mind. This one takes the usual plank exercise, which is great for building core support and boosts the intensity up a notch.

When doing this one make sure that you maintain that flat back position at all times to avoid lower back pain development.

5: V-Ups With An Exercise Ball

Finally, last on our list of great ab exercises that you can do with an exercise ball is the V-up. This one is nice since it’ll work both the lower and upper abs at the same time and is ideal for those who would like greater stability development as well.

When doing this one, make sure you try and keep the arms and legs rising up at an even pace so as to avoid muscular imbalances. You want both the upper and lower abs working to the same extent in order to power you through this exercise.

So there you have the top things that you should note about using an exercise ball to help execute your workout sessions. It really is an effective tool that will get your muscles working harder than they ever have before.

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Some simple but effective abdominal exercises

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