The Upright, Dual Action and Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes resemble pedaling bicycles because they have a seat, pedals and handlebars. However, these fitness devices are actually convenient machines, used for working out in the safety of a gym or at home, in a more private, air conditioned environment, protected from dangerous UV rays and atmospheric pollutants.

Unlike bicycles, exercise bikes are usually immobile and are only be used for stationary exercises. The various types of exercise bikes include Upright, Recumbent, Semi Recumbent and Dual Action Bikes.

The Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes are the most popular amongst the different types available, as they can be easily fitted in small or cramped spaces. They are typically used for cardiovascular and lower body exercises.

An Upright Bike resembles a traditional bike. Recumbent Bikes are more comfortable than Upright Bikes and have a chair like bucket seat to provide adequate back support.

Recumbent and Semi-recumbent Exercise Bikes

Workouts using Recumbent and Semi-Recumbent bikes are effective in promoting efficient blood circulation all through the body. It is difficult to stop pedaling while on a Recumbent Bike, as you are not able to stand up. It is primarily due to this reason that these bikes help in better blood flow and prevent users from trying to ‘cheat’ on the pedaling.

Dual Action Bikes are similar to Upright Bikes and are distinguished by the moving arm handles. These bikes are ideal for enhancing both upper and lower body muscle tone by using both the arms and legs and increasing the overall aerobic intensity.

Exercise Bikes Give A Good Cardiovascular Workout

Exercises bikes are useful equipment for performing cardiovascular exercises, which are beneficial for the heart, lungs, and legs due to their lower intensity impact on the joints. Patients with heart problems are often prescribed to lose weight or adopt specific workout activities that would put adequate stress on their hearts and reduce their cardio problems.

In such cases, exercise bikes can be ideal for taking up exercises that are effective but light enough for the heart. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Exercise bikes are also considered to be one of the safest exercise equipment for working out as they minimize the risk factors of common injuries that can occur while exercising.

There are fewer possibilities of slipping off or falling down from an exercise bike as compared to other fitness equipment and therefore, these bikes can be useful for both young and old people.

The introduction of the recumbent bike has made exercising a comfortable activity wherein the mind can focus on a favorite novel or television program while the body burns excess calories. This trend to eliminate the usual boredom associated with regular exercise routines while working in the safety of home.

The Average Price Range For Exercises Bikes

The comfort factor also means that users are able to work out for longer periods of time. Another major factor influencing the popularity of exercise bikes is their relatively low cost.

Compared to other expensive fitness devices, exercise bikes are more affordable, the current price in the market ranging from $200 to $2500 (£100 – £1500), depending on the model.

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