The Health Benefits of Cycling

Couple riding their bikes

Bicycles first came to be in the nineteenth century and now there are more than a billion in the world today. A bicycle is a highly practical mode of transportation in many locations around the globe.

In comparison to motor vehicles, riding bicycles and cycling exercises has a great many different benefits. The benefits are not only great for the person riding the bicycle; the benefits are great for the world around them as well.

Bicycles and cycling generate renewable energy, so there is no air pollution. Bicycles and cycling effectively reduces traffic congestion, minimizes noise pollution, eliminates the need for expensive parking options, and results in fewer fatalities on the roadways.

Increased well-being and improvements in overall health

The physical exercise that you gain from bicycles and cycling is directly linked to increased well-being and overall health. Lack of physical exercise is second only to smoking tobacco as a health risk in many countries, which results in billions of dollars in healthcare expenses.

Reports from the World Health Organization suggest that increasing the amount of physical activity in your life is your best bet for maintaining health and well-being. It also reports that riding bicycles and cycling is an extremely appropriate activity for staying healthy.

Many people looking to improve their cardiovascular health or improve overall fitness often turn to bicycles and cycling. Riding bicycles and cycling is incredibly beneficial to individuals who suffer from arthritis in their legs and are unable to participate in sports due to the impact it has on the knees and other joints.

Because riding bicycles and cycling is also an efficient mode of transportation, less self-discipline is needed to keep you motivated to proceed with your exercise routine. In addition to the toning benefits bicycles and cycling have on the muscles in the legs, the buttocks also benefit from regular riding.

Tips for buying a bicycle

If you are new to bicycles and cycling, buying a bicycle can get somewhat confusing from time to time. So, here are a few tips to help:

It is best to purchase your new bicycle from a bike shop. If you cannot afford it right away, it is beneficial to save up until you can afford to get your bicycle from a reliable bike shop.

When the bikes arrive at the store, both bike shops and discount stores alike, they are in boxes and must be tuned and assembled properly. In general, the bike that you get from a discount store will be right out of the box, most likely assembled by someone who knows little or nothing about bicycles. Therefore, if possible, you should always purchase your bike from a bike shop.

Always go for a test ride

Always test the bike first for comfort

Just as you would not purchase any other vehicle without first going for a test drive, nor should you purchase a new bicycle without taking it for a test drive. Bicycles are just as personal as a car or truck, and you need to find the one that suits you best before handing over your hard-earned money.

Cycling safety tips

Bike riders are definite not the rulers of the road, so it pays to be aware of these basic bicycle-riding tips:

  • Always wear protective gear, such as your helmet, elbow pads and kneepads.
  • Always check your bicycle before you go for a ride to make sure there are no damaged or loose parts.
  • Always ride where the other drivers on the roadways will be able to see you clearly.
  • Avoid riding at night whenever possible.
  • Abide by all safety and traffic limits, laws and restrictions in your area.

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