Different Types of Weight Lifting Equipment

Large dumbbells

While making plans to lift weights is always a good idea, you need to know what you’re getting into before you begin. But before you can start to consider your routine or the amount of weight that you should be lifting, you need to know a little more about weight lifting equipment and what each particular kinds of equipment can do for you.

The purpose of weight lifting equipment

The object of weight lifting equipment is to give you a form of resistance as you perform a number of exercises. When your muscles are stressed, you will be able to tear the muscles slightly and then allow your body to build them back up into stronger, bigger versions of themselves. Muscle building routines are not just for strength, but also for creating a lean physique and stronger overall bone mass.

Barbells and dumbbells

Many people don’t think that barbells and dumbbells are any different from each other.  However, if you’d like to avoid a little embarrassment in the gym, it helps to understand how they are different from each other.

For one, barbells are larger pieces of weight lifting equipment and are engineered to work larger muscle groups – think about the traditional bench press. On the other hand, dumbbells can recreate all of the same exercises as the barbells can, though the weight will be spread out.  In effect, dumbbells are the smaller versions of the barbells and are held in the palm of one hand, as opposed to two.

The weight lifting belt

Commonly seen in gyms and weight lifting competitions is a weight lifting belt. This piece of weight lifting equipment can help to remind you to keep your back protected throughout heavy movements. When you keep your back straight, you can limit the pressure on your knees as well as help to keep it from injury.

However, the key to using a weight lifting belt is to make sure that you are fastening it securely around your middle and your back so that you’re completely supporting the areas.

Weight lifting gloves

Whether you’re lifting heavy weights or not, a good piece of weight lifting equipment to have is a set of weightlifting gloves. Not only will the gloves protect your hands from the rough surfaces of some weights as well as any residue from other weight lifters, they will also help to keep the weight from slipping from your hands during a movement. These kinds of slips can lead to injuries to yourself or to others, so they can really come in ‘handy’.

More weight lifting equipment

There are plenty of pieces of weight lifting equipment that you can use at your local gym as well. Weight training machines as well as presses and medicine balls are all designed to help you train your major muscle groups.

With the aid of a personal trainer or a seasoned weight lifter, you can add these pieces of weight lifting equipment to your next routine to continue to challenge those muscles.

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