Different Types of Cross Trainers

With people all around the world becoming more and more body conscious with each new day, the demand for high-tech, a multipurpose trainer is no surprise.

A cross trainer is a modern machine that is designed to give the user a total body workout while burning more calories than any other cardio exercise machine on the market.

The majority of cross trainer machines are a type of hybrid device that contains a combination of a treadmill, an exercise bike as well as a stepper.


A Cross Trainer Can Improve Muscle Toning and Fitness Levels

A cross trainer offers the user a simple workout that does not require any straining or overworking of any single area of the body. The cross trainer machine focuses on evenly toning the entire body, which saves you the trouble and the cost of buying and storing several different machines and all the accessories.

For a number of people, especially since so many people today want to lose weight and burn fat, the popularity of cross trainers is expected to continue to increase.

The most state-of-the-art cross trainers provide basic toning for the whole body, yet they also offer the option of increasing the difficultly of the workout programs in order to raise the duration, frequency and intensity of your exercise regime. Cross trainers are designed to provide upper and lower body ratio that is equivalent to normal upper and lower ratio for muscle mass.

The 2 Main Types of Cross Trainers

1) The Magnetic Cross Trainer

The magnetic cross trainer provides the user with a low-impact cardio workout that focuses on toning the calves, thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks, as well as exercising the lungs and heart.

The magnetic cross trainer is ideal for working out at home because it is engineered to run smoothly and quietly. This machine is great for working out while you listen to music or watch television. The magnetic cross trainer is a small machine that fit perfectly in most homes.

2) The Elliptical Cross Trainer

An elliptical cross trainer is a type of stationary exercise machine that simulates running and walking without causing excessive pressure to the joints.

This type of exercise decreases the risk of injury from impact. Elliptical cross trainers provide users with a non-impact cardiovascular workout that varies from low intensity to high intensity according to the preferences of the user.

The majority of elliptical cross trainers focus on working both the upper and lower body; however, some cross trainer models do not include moving the components of the upper body. An elliptical cross trainer is specially designed to offer the user a cardiovascular workout, as opposed to focusing on muscle building.

Even though the elliptical cross trainer is considered a minimal-impact machine, it is still a perfect example of weight-bearing exercise. Cross trainers may be plugged in to adjust motion and supply power for resistance systems and electronic consoles, or they can be self-powered by the person using the cross trainer machine.

Three different types of elliptical cross trainer machines, which are classified by the location of the motor, or drive. The earliest design for the elliptical cross trainer was rear drive; the second was front drive, and the most recent design is a center drive machine.

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