Benefits of the Stepper Machine

Steppers are machines, which provide users with intense aerobic workouts without the need to step out of the house. Leaping on steps and jogging on them has been an age-old practice to get thighs and hips in shape. This simple exercise procedure was the driving force behind the invention of the steppers.

These machines stimulate stair climbing. The only difference between a stepper and normal staircase is that the former has alternating pedals or platforms instead of stairs.

The pedals on the steppers move in an elliptical (oval-shaped) motion, which is similar to the movement of our feet when we walk or run. This facilitates pushing the foot pedals independently and gives the feel of climbing a rotating staircase.

Elliptical steppers are more popular than ordinary ones because of their ski-type motion and the incline they provide, which makes it possible to carry out a greater variety of aerobic workouts while restraining the impact on joints.

Benefits of the stepper machine

Working out on a stepper not only helps you get your body in shape but also renders the required boost for activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and many others. They make a good cross training tool to combine with other physical conditioning exercises and improve respiratory and circulatory efficiency of the body.

Another assistance a stepper provides is in building strength and enhancing muscular endurance. It also aids in improving physical performance in carrying out various activities and helps muscles recover much faster than before.

Regular workouts on a stepper are known to minimize the negative changes occurring in the body due to increasing age. This is because the training increases the metabolism rate of your body, normalizes blood and sugar levels by eliminating excess body fat and relieves joint pains from the hip, back and knees.

If you follow a specific schedule and stick to it, you will be able to loose fat, maintain your weight and burn calories even when you are at rest. This phenomenon holds true because while carrying out regular exercises, your body gets habituated to increased levels of metabolism and hence keeps burning fat long after you have stopped working out. The blood-insulin levels begin diminishing within the first ten minutes of your aerobic workout.

Added features and different brands of stepper

Steppers come in various models to suit different types of users. For beginners, the machine provides a start at low intensity and allows gradual build up to challenging levels. These steppers come with numerous enhanced features such as a hydraulic mechanism and computerized counters to display time, heartbeat and even the amount of calories burnt.

They are completely adjustable and can run on self-powered generators. Chest straps are provided and are connected to the heart rate monitor. However, each model has distinct characteristics and does not necessarily comprise all of the above-mentioned features.

Steppers are compact and great when you need mobile fitness

For those who travel a lot and do not want to compromise on their workouts, then mini steppers are an ideal option. Apart from being compact, they are made up of a floor-level steel frame with footplates and attachable resistance supports.

The main brands of stepper

Some of the noted brands for mini steppers are the Brookstone Fold-Away Cardio Stepper, which has 16 inches of step height and contains a telescopic handle for added stability and a digital display along with a pulse monitor.

Next in line is the Mini Stepper Exerciser from Allegro Medical, with a step height of 12.5 inches. Kettler Vario Stepper is also popular with its computerized track time, speed, steps climbed and energy consumption details displayed after every workout session.

Other brands of steppers available on the market:

  • Schwinn Fitness
  • Athlon
  • Vision Fitness
  • Bodyguard Fitness
  • Precor and Cybex

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