5 Different Types of Fitness Equipment You Can Use At Home

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Home fitness equipment is exercise equipment that is used at home, whether in a home gym or a corner of the living room or bedroom. Many different pieces of equipment can be used in a home gym. Those who can afford it have home gyms that rival many established fitness centers.

Before buying home fitness equipment you need to set your fitness goals, as this will determine what you buy. If you are mostly into keeping fit, then you may want to spend more on cardiovascular equipment, if however you need to bulk up or lose weight then you will need mostly strength and weight training machines as well as free weights. Next, determine how much you can afford to spend and review information on what is available.

5 Different types of home fitness equipment:

1) Rowing machines

These machines imitate rowing in a boat and are great for full body workouts; they can be used by anyone regardless of age as they place little stress on joints. However, if you have back or knee problems a rower may not be your best choice. They are also good for burning calories so if you need to lose weight or just tone up this is a good machine to use.

2) Exercise/stationary bikes

These are used for riding in place; they provide the same benefits of riding a bicycle outdoors except that the rider is not going anywhere. They give a good cardiovascular workout. They are great for the home gym because they use a minimum amount of space and tend to be relatively quiet.

3) Treadmills

one of the most popular types of home gym equipment. Treadmills come in various designs and price ranges so there is something for anyone. When buying a treadmill ensure that is of good quality and comes with safety features such as a safety lock-off mechanism.

4) Cross-trainers

These pieces of equipment simulate the action of both running and cycling without any impact on the joints.

5) Dumbbells and barbells

These are important in any home gym regardless of size. Try to get a five-pound and a ten-pound set for starters; you can always include other sizes as you go along. The barbells will add the extra weight you need for resistance training.

Important accessories

  1. One of the most overlooked and yet most important accessories for the gym, whether home or not, is a good pair of running shoes.
  2. Exercise mats
  3. Exercise balls

Before you run out and start buying home fitness equipment for your home gym, make sure to do some research to determine what you really need based on your fitness goals.

Do not get caught up in the hype and buy a piece of home fitness equipment because of the advertisements or because it looks good. If you hate running a treadmill may not be the best buy because you will invent every excuse not to use it. If you love cycling, a stationary bike may be a better choice for you.

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