10 Foods High In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that our bodies must have for the proper maintenance and development of cartilage, blood vessels and scar tissue.

Vitamin C is also important for creation of dopamine, ATP, tyrosine and peptide hormones. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress to the body. In addition, Vitamin C is also suspected to reduce the risk of cancer.

1) Bell Peppers

These great foods high in Vitamin C are essential to pizza and pasta sauces, providing a sweet punch that tantalizes the taste buds. The amount of Vitamin C depends on the color when it comes to bell peppers. Yellow bell peppers provide the greatest amount and green bell peppers are the least valuable Vitamin C resource. » Read more

The Best Vitamins For Bones and Joints


Whether we realize it or not, we could not manage our lives without the bones in our bodies. Our bones not only create structure for our arms and our legs, but they also help to protect our internal organs and our brain.

As our bones are so helpful to us, it only makes sense that we be helpful in supporting their health as well. There are numerous vitamins which help the bones and joints – and they may not be what you think. While calcium is certainly an important mineral for bone health, there are numerous other supplements you can add to help protect your bones. » Read more

Which Vitamins Can Help Improve Your Memory?


Your memory is one thing you can’t leave home without. Whether you’re dashing out to the store for a few items or you’re trying to remember past family events, you rely on your memory each and every day to help you manage your life.

But the truth is that as we age, so do our brains – and does our ability to remember the things we need to recall. Instead of simply letting nature takes its course, you might want to look into several different vitamins to help you with your mind. Though memory boosting vitamins aren’t a guarantee that you’ll always remember your keys, perhaps they will help you remember when your anniversary is. » Read more

The 30 Best Food Sources of Vitamin K


Vitamin K is important to the body because it helps with blood clotting and helps to build strong bones, in addition to protecting the heart as well.

For anyone who needs to increase the amount of Vitamin K that they consume, several different food sources are high in Vitamin K that you can include in your regular balanced diet.

What is Vitamin K?

At least two forms of Vitamin K occur naturally. These forms of Vitamin K have been identified as Vitamins K1 and Vitamin K2. Both forms of Vitamin K are a derivative of quinone. » Read more

Which Vitamins Can Increase Your Energy Levels?

Lemon, Lime and Orange

If you’re like anyone in the world today, you could do with some extra energy. From work obligations to home obligations, it seems there’s never enough time and certainly never enough sleep to get you through the tasks you need to do. But are there ways to enhance your energy?

Good nutrition is one such way to begin to support your body through these stressful times. Following this logic, it would seem that supplements would be a good way to add vitamins to your life without taking up too much time or effort. The business for energy enhancing vitamins is booming, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? » Read more

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Large fresh salmon

While most of us are familiar with calcium, we tend to forget that Vitamin D is also an important part of that equation. In order to build strong bones, we need both of these nutrients in our bodies.

But what’s most interesting about Vitamin D is that it can be naturally produced by the body when we exposure our skin to sunlight. It’s no wonder, then, that Vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more prevalent as we begin to cover our skin completely from the sun in order to protect from things like skin cancer. Maybe it is time to head out into the sun more often. And here’s why. » Read more

What Does Vitamin E Do?

Cucumber and slices

In the ongoing battle for health and long life, people are looking everywhere for ways to boost their own body’s natural processes. One of the ways many people decide to accomplish this goal is by using supplements. Vitamins and minerals can help to fill in the gaps left by a poor diet, though they can not completely make up for all of our bad habits.

Vitamin E is one such vitamin that seems to be able to help us in a number of ways. If you’re not sure how to add Vitamin E to your life, read on. » Read more

What Does The Vitamin B Group Do?

Several large white potatoes

Of all of the vitamins we consume on a daily basis, Vitamin B is one of the most commonly discussed. With a wide variety of healthy benefits as well as scientific support, this is a vitamin that should not only be in everyone’s medicine cabinet, but it should also be made a part of a healthy diet.

Thankfully, Vitamin B is easy to add to a healthy routine, though it will become more challenging to those who do not eat meat on a regular basis. This vitamin is one that can truly help to protect your health as well as the health of others – read on to find out more. » Read more

What Does Vitamin C Do?

Three large oranges

One of the most popular vitamins on the market today is Vitamin C. It’s cheap, it comes in a variety of forms, and it seems to work wonders on any condition.

But you need to learn the facts about Vitamin C before you head off to pick up a bottle. Some of the claims may not be truthful as they seem. However, Vitamin C is still a vitamin your body needs in order to stay healthy, even if it isn’t the wonder drug it’s been made up to be. » Read more

What Does Vitamin A Do?

Single large carrot

Most of us are well aware that we need to get more nutrients and vitamins into our bodies. With all of the stress we face on a daily basis, we feel rundown, ragged, and even depleted.

In order to feel better, we need to make sure we are supporting our bodies as much as we are supporting our responsibilities. This means we need to get the vitamins our bodies and our cells need in order to produce energy and to repair damage. Vitamin A is one of the vitamins most of us are lacking in.

Because it’s primarily found in natural sources, if we’re not consuming a healthy and balanced diet, we might not be getting the recommended daily allowance. Here’s what you need to know in order to begin to add Vitamin A to your life. » Read more

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