How To De-Stress – 8 Tips for Reducing Stress Levels

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Stress is an increasing problem that not only makes us uncomfortable, but is unhealthy as well. Understanding that, and then learning how to minimise stress and de-stress, is a good step in the direction of better and longer-lasting health.

What Is Meant By The Term De-stress?

Stress is the way your body responds to demands. Stress can be caused by good experiences just as easily as by bad. When you are stressed by something that is happening around you, your body releases chemicals into your blood.

These chemicals cause you to have more strength and energy, which is a good thing if your stress is brought on by physical danger. » Read more

10 Tips For Boosting Your Motivation Levels

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Most People Fail To Reach Their Goals Because They Lose Motivation!

If you’re just getting started with a health and fitness program, one thing that you need to be concerned about is motivation. Lack of motivation is one of the biggest reasons that people fall off their workout and diet program so by taking the steps necessary to ensure that you keep your levels on high at all times, you can ensure that you move forward to see the results that you’re looking for.

One really important thing that you must keep in mind when thinking about maintaining higher motivational levels however is that this is one factor that will vary considerably from person to person.

What motivates one person very well may not do so for another, so you really do need to personalize your approach as you learn what works and what doesn’t for you. » Read more

How To Reduce Your Stress and Cortisol Levels

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As you go about your wellness program, one thing that you must take note of is your stress levels. Suffering from high levels of stress is only going to hinder your health in a major way, especially when cortisol is also involved.

Let’s take a quick look at what cortisol is and what the symptoms of stress are that you should know about – then provide you with a few tips to combat it.

What Is Cortisol?

Cortisol is the hormone that is released in times of stress and is going to serve as the ‘fight or flight’ response signifier. It’s going to help to increase blood sugar levels so that if you do need to fight, you’re ready for it. » Read more

Why We Can Become Fatigued

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Fatigue is a common condition. In fact, to a certain extent fatigue is a fact of life. It is well within your interests, though, to understand what fatigue is, what is acceptable, and how to best manage your life to moderate fatigue and related conditions.

What Is Meant By Fatigue?

If you are feeling extremely weak or tired, and finding it more difficult to perform your usual activities, then you may be suffering from fatigue. » Read more