Which Exercises Burn The Most Calories In The Shortest Amount of Time?

Man performing a press-up

Struggling To Lose Fat?

Want To Maximize Your Gym Time?

It’s no secret that some exercises are better for weight loss than others. High intensity interval training, full body circuits, and compound movements torch fat and increase resting metabolic rate.

Steady state cardio, on the other hand, has no impact on your metabolism. When done in excess, it actually burns muscle and sends your body in a catabolic state. » Read more

Which Simple Exercises Burn the Most Fat?

Man performing a chin-up

Looking to improve your workouts?

Want to get better results in less time?

Then you might have to make some changes to your exercise routine. If your goal is to lose weight, do compound moves, HIIT, and full body circuits. Isolation work is great too, but it doesn’t necessarily aid in fat loss. Once you achieve a shredded physique, focus on isolation moves. » Read more

The Heart Rate Training Zones 1 To 5

Heart rate pulse

If you believe that training is just something that athletes do, then you may be surprised. Definitely, with only a few exceptions, anyone can train in order to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible.

No matter if you are interested in losing weight, or if you simply want to feel better, all you have to do is learn about heart rate zones and the ways that they can help you keep your workout routine as effective as possible. Heart Zone Training is one of the most effective ways to approach fitness training.

What Are The Heart Rate Training Zones?

Heart rate zones are expressed as a percentage of the individual maximum heart rate. These heart rate zones are the method for identifying the intensity of a workout and the result advantage. » Read more

8 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

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Your Metabolism is Your Fat Loss Foundation!

It keeps burning and burning fat 24 hours a day…the only problem is, do you have a fast metabolism? And if not, what can you do about it to boost your metabolism and burn fat to lose weight?

Your metabolism is basically how many calories you burn each day. Children have faster metabolic rates than adults, and we all know about the legendary metabolism’s of teenage boys. That’s the metabolism you wish you had.

And while it is inevitable that your metabolism decreases with age, it doesn’t doom you to gaining weight. It might even decrease 30% over your life, but really, is that any reason to become overweight? No way. Not when you can turn it around with a couple of simple, proven techniques listed below… » Read more

6 Simple Fat Loss Success Tips For Beginners

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For beginners, getting into fitness can be intimidating and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, getting fit is one of the most straightforward tasks you’ll attempt in the New Year.

Fortunately, reaching your fitness goals requires only two things; discipline (that’s up to you) and a set of simple guidelines (which I am happy to provide).

1 and 2 ) Full Physical Examination and Fitness Assessment

First, you should arrange for a full physical examination from your physician. This is mandatory for people that have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or are obese. Once you have your doctor’s approval to begin a fitness program, you should schedule a fitness assessment with a health professional at your gym. » Read more

5 Simple Tips To Cut Down Your Body Fat Levels

Man sleeping

It is possible to cut down fat and lose weight fast without having to get up early every morning for a mile-long run on an empty stomach. Nor do you have to work out at the gym six days a week or take expensive supplements.

In fact, it is so easy to cut down fat that you can do it without depriving yourself of your favorite foods and without being hungry all of the time.

You have most likely heard it once or twice in the past that in order to lose or maintain weight, you need to just eat less food. This is not exactly true. In fact, eating less in some cases may actually cause you to gain more weight. » Read more

3 Different Body Types – Endomorphs | Mesomorph | Ectomorph

The various different body types

While your body shape may indicate certain things about your type, there is a difference, and it is worth knowing about.

What Is Meant By Body Type?

You have most likely noticed that your body is not the same as your friends’ or co-workers’. Some people tend to be curvy and lean, while others are top-heavy and soft. The reason for such difference is that everyone is born with a different body type.

The type of your body relies completely on genetics. You will notice that your body type is similar to your siblings or parents. Because your type is a genetic trait, it can be impossible, or at least quite difficult, to change. » Read more

Simple Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss programs do not involve crash or fad diets and sudden bursts of extensive and over strenuous exercises. It is very important to remember that healthy weight loss is a gradual and time consuming process and cannot take place overnight without grave health costs.

People who are expecting overnight miracles to achieve a perfect figure need to sit back and let the process take place gradually by following a healthy and natural path to weight loss.

Follow the basic rules of healthy weight loss

With the proper steps, healthy weight loss is not that difficult. Following some basic rules and a little awareness can make the process easy and convenient. One of the most important aspects to remember is to plan a healthy weight loss program according to the individual’s physical condition. » Read more

How To Keep Motivated To Reach Your Goals

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One of the main reasons why persons who start exercise programs fail to stay on course is there is no motivation to keep going, especially if they do not see any real results.

However, if you want to remain healthy and keep off the weight you may have lost; being consistent with your exercise is the key.

How to motivate yourself

The first mistake many persons make when they decide to start a training or exercise routine is to set unrealistic goals or not setting any goals at all. This is the main reason for failure, because you may never reach your goal and may start to feel like you are training in vain.

Make a plan about what it is you want to achieve such as lose ten pounds or add five pounds. Your goals have to be measurable to really have any impact. » Read more

How To Maintain Proper Hydration Levels

Large glass of cold water

Hydration is the process of maintaining the proper balance of water in the body. By following a few standard hydration tips, one can maintain the healthy ratio of water content in the body under different conditions of heat and physical exertion.

Almost all the bio-chemical reactions that occur in body cells depend on a proper balance of water and electrolytes. This balance is essential to maintain life and an active level of physical and mental performance.

The health benefits from being well hydrated

A well functioning hydration system allows for the healthy extraction of nutrients from food, proper replenishment of vital fluids, and an overall detoxification of the human body. Systemic dehydration can lead to cycles of fluid retention and chronic pain, including headaches and arthritis. » Read more

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